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There are two types of material to submit: text and images.

Material can be submitted via the Internet, on computer disk, or hardcopy.

The following information describes the formats we can currently handle.


If the material exists in electronic format, such as word processor files or a digital image,
it can be sent via e-mail on the Internet to:


Text can be sent in several ways over the Internet:

If you could do a proof-reading on your end it would be appreciated, since we will most likely just cut and paste the text into the web page.

Images can be sent as e-mail attachments in the following formats:

Note: all images will be converted to 8-bit color (256 colors) to reduce the size and to insure that they will display OK on the typical home computer monitor.

Computer Disk

Text can be sent as word processor files on disk. Currently we can read MS Word 5.0, Simpletext (Mac), or raw text files.

Images can be sent as data files in the following formats:

We are using a Macintosh computer to put this together, but it has the capability to read DOS formatted disks. So you should be able to send either Mac or DOS formatted disks (in theory!).

Mail the disks to:

Steve Sorensen
3003 Valmont Rd.
Lot #136
Boulder, CO


If you do not have an electronic version of your material, you may mail it to us and we will convert it into a digital format.

Mail the material to my address listed above.

Text will have to be manually entered into the computer, so please do not send LONG things!

Images will be no problem since I have a scanner.

We would rather not have valuable original photos going through the mail, so if you can send a copy, please do!

If you need the material back, please send a SASE with your submission.