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The View

by John Nicholas Christian Hiebert

Three children pause in wonderment
while on their way to school.
Each on his own view intent,
regards with great astonishment
a shallow wayside pool.

"I see some beetles down below,
how dirty they must be!"
"I see the sky, the sun's bright glow,
and soft, white clouds come down so low!"
"And I...I can see me!"

Three youths life's rugged race begin.
"Oh, what's the use!" cries one,
"The whole world's only strife and sin!"
"The victory by faith I'll win!"
"I'll have myself some fun!"

Three old men reach the final goald.
"A foe at ev'ry mile
I found, and hate from pole to pole!"
"I am content--I found my soul!"
"My life was not worth while!"