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by John Nicholas Christian Hiebert

They wandered by in strange array,
The teachers of our schools,
Women and men, some stern, some gay,
Some brave, some shy, some young, some gray,
Some wise men, and some fools.

"You ask me, why I chose," said one,
"A teacher's life to leadd--
I made no choice! A teacher's son,
I could do naught but what I've done
Not I, but Fate, decreed."

"Why choose the self-same round to tread
Each day?" one spoke in haste.
"For day by day we must have bread,"
My wife and children must be fed--
I have no time to waste!"

"Why this my choice?" Her eyes were brave,
Pain--wise in youthful looks
To outsiders no token gave
How hard she lost what she would save.
"I love children and...books."

Another heard. His inner whole
With visions lit, said he:
"Oh deathless day to shape a soul!
Could there be any higher goal?
Let me a teacher be."