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Romancing Shakespeare

by Michael McCroskery

To love or not to love that is the question
For my love is grand so pure of gold.
Is thy love so majestic that earth stands still?
My love can make a dozen suns melt the land.
Is thy love so ripe so pure of hope?
My love is ready to be delivered to thee.
Wilt thy love fullfill my heart so true?
My love can withstand all honesty.
Wilt thy love make my heart so endure?
Will it cause me to forever endure?

Thy love is ready to conquer my soul.
I hold thy love to my heart as it melts me.
Thy love is beyond reproach, so powerful.
My love can fill up a hundred souls.
Thy love I tame, I conquer it,

So now our loves embrace and we become one.
A love so pure, so divine.
Together we will be memories of all time.

Copyright 2005 Michael J McCroskery