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N. N. and Susie Hiebert in Russia

Sent in by Paul Hiebert

(Paul heard the following story; he isn't sure of the source, but it's a neat story to add to our information on Grandpa and Grandma Hiebert.)

Grandma and Grandpa Hiebert were on their way to India and stopped in Russia. They wanted to visit folks at the Mennonite Brethren churches there because these churches had already supported missionaries in India for about thirty years. Also Grandpa and Grandma needed to visit with Russian Mennonites to find out where they could begin a new work since India had already been divided up among the mission agencies to avoid conflicts or overlaps.

After their visit, they prepared to leave Russia from a port on the Black Sea. When they got to customs, Grandpa showed the agent his passport and was cleared to leave Russia. When Grandma wanted to go through with him, the agent stopped her and said she could not go. Grandpa told the man that she was his wife, but the agent said there was no evidence of that. In those days only the husband's picture was in the passport, and the agent accused Grandpa of trying to take someone out of the country illegally. Grandpa kept arguing and said he would not leave without his wife.

The ship finally had to cast of to sail without the two. The agent finally gave in and said Grandma could go with Grandpa, but by now the ship had already gone out into the harbor. No other ship was due at that port for a long time. Suddenly the ship stopped and a small boat came to shore. The captain had forgotten something and sent a man to get it. The man took Grandma and Grandpa along back to the ship and they were able to continue their journey. What an answer to the prayers I know were being made by both of them at that time!