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The Old Brick House in Mt. Lake

by John P. Jungas

Home of Greatgrandpa and Greatgrandma Pankratz

This is in answer your question about that large square brick building nearly a block East of my house.

On Oct l0th l874, my mother's parents came to Mountain Lake with their entire family. Her father's name was Peter Pankratz and her mother's name was Anna Koehn. They had seven children, namely Jacob, Peter, Henry, Anna, Eva, Marie, and my mother Helena. The family moved from Paulsheim, South Russia to Mt. Lake.

Helena's father with the help of the sons built that house in l893. Most of these children as they grew older stayed living in or near Mt. Lake. My mother worked for Mrs. Anna Janzen, making the meals, sewing, and house cleaning. My father worked for his uncle John Janzen in the lumber yard and later in the bank. He would often eat in the home where my mother worked. This is where he met my mother and later got married to her. . My father, John Jungas, came from Thessendorf, Mariensdorf Germany. This is where he was born and for some disagreement at home, he came to work for his uncle in Mountain Lake in l893.

Greatgrandpa Pankratz, lower far right