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Introduction to Mt. Lake

by Jo Sorensen

Mountain Lake, Minnesota

Mountain Lake, Minnesota. For such a small town (present population: 2,066), it has played a large part in our family's history. Both Dad, J. N. C. Hiebert, and Mom, Anna Jungas Hiebert, grew up there, fell in love and married, and left for India with the support of the Mt. Lake Mennonite Brethren Church.

For us children, it was the one place in the world where we had an extended family. Dad's siblings had all scattered, but in Mt. Lake we had all sorts of Jungas relatives: grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins. I loved going there. Throughout the years it remained a safe haven for us, and became Mother's home once again in her later years. She is now buried there in a spot overlooking the lake.

This last August, 2000, Frank and I went to visit some of these relatives. I wanted to see folks again and to get some more information and pictures for our family history. In the next updates, I will gradually be adding some of this information, as well as memories of Mt. Lake that you as a family have.

Enjoy learning about your Family Roots in Mountain Lake, Minnesota!

Top: Aunt Helen Sawatzky and me, Aunt Wilma and Uncle John Jungas
Center: Helen and Frank Jungas
Bottom: Uncle George Hiebert, Leona Ewert