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The Jungas Family History

by Marna Jungas
(Helen and Frank's granddaughter, written when she was in high school)

We can trace our family back to the 13th and 14th century. The Jungas' lived in Hungaria then Austria; in the 15th century they moved to Germany, which was then called the State of Prussia.

The Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) was not only a political and territorial dispute but also religious. It began as a civil war between Protestants and Roman Catholics in the German States, but before it was over most of the nations of Europe were involved. The Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus fought to keep the land but was killed in one of the battles.

During the Thirty Years' War against Sweden, members of my family scattered into the following counties: Prussia, Hesse, Bavaria and Baden. In this war several of the men of my family distinguished themselves by bravery and courage.

In the year 1709, the royal Prussian Silversmith Heinrich Eugen Jungas, a native from Halberstadt, Prussia (now in East Germany, about 10 miles from the West German border), received the seal of guild and the great Code of Arms.

There is a period of one hundred years of more, we have no records of the Jungas family, but some time in the early 1800's Martin Jungas emerges as our next ancestor. We don't know much about him except he was married to Maria Stamer, and they had three children. The eldest, Karl, was born in Thessendorf, West Prussia, in 1844. Maria, from records, show that her church affiliation was Evangelical.

Martin Jungas

(According to Grace's notation, this is Martin Jungas with his second wife and a child)

Karl Martin Jungas, son of Martin and Maria, lived and died in West Prussia, married Anna Janzen, who was from Germany. His religious background was Evangelical and Anna's was Mennonite. Anna died soon after her last daughter's birth. Bruno, another son, drowned in the Nogat River at age 19. The eldest son, Hans (John) left Prussia at age 19 (1889).

Arriving in the U.S., Hans settled in Mt. Lake and worked at the Janzen's General Store. Before the turn of the century, he had his own bicycle and harness shop. John married Helena Pankratz in 1898. (She had migrated from South Russia because of religious persecution.) They had four children and many foster children. John's and Helena's religious affiliation was Mennonite. John and Helena Jungas adopted Henry Frank Carrell in 1900. He worked at the bike store, which became the Jungas Hardware Store, all of his life. During the lst World War he met Mabel Biesecker and they were married in 1919.

Frank, the eldest son of Henry and Mabel, was born in Mt. Lake in 1922. He too worked at the Jungas Hardware all his life. Frank married Helen Erickson in 1942; their religious affiliation is Christian Missionary Alliance.

Richard, their eldest son, was born in California in 1944 while his father (Frank) was in the Philippines during World War II. Richard married Marcia Larson in 1968; in 1969 he was stationed by the U. S. Army in Wiesbaden, Hesse, West Germany. Their daughter Marna was born there in 1970, in the very state her ancestors had scattered from during the Thirty Years' War, 340 years before.