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Memories of the Jungas Hardware Store

by John Jungas

My brother Al and I bought the store (Jungas Hardware) from my dad just before that awful depression on January lst, 1931. I remember very plainly a sale that I missed. A man came in and wanted to buy a coal and wood range. It was a neat Jungers (sp?) range with a price tag of $139.95. He offered me $100.00 and he would even take it home with his truck. I looked up our cost and it was more than that, so I refused the sale. The prices started to slide and a short time later we sold that range for $79.95. We then bought a carload of Monarch coal and wood ranges and we sold them at a profit for $49.95.

Another little story about collections: A couple came in and purchased a new washing machine on payments. Frank Jungas was working for us at that time. The couple did not make their payments so I went over to see him. Frank wanted to go along. We got to the place and the man was inside sitting in his chair. He would not pay so I told him that either he make his payments, which were already long overdue, or I would take back the washer. He became furious and threatened to shoot me. His wife had to hold him down. I told him that I would not take it now but would have the sheriff come and get it the next day. In the morning we got a check in the mail to cover the account. Since then Frank would never go out collecting with me again. It got too wild. I had another deal where a man threatened to shoot me if I did not leave him alone. He later came in and paid his account. We came to be good friends and he also became a good customer.

Al and I were good partners; he took care of the farm seeds and I would take care of the Hardware and appliances. Our partnership ended when I purchased his share on January l, 1961. He and I bought a farm together very cheap; $75.00 per acre. It was a 300 acre farm. When I bought him out, I gave him my share of this farm and he gave me his share of the Hardware store.

Later I formed a corporation including my three children. Barb and Lois gradually sold their interests to Jack, and so he became the complete owner of the place of business. After a few years he bought two more buildings just next and north of his store. He then went into selling carpeting and went into the Jungas Hardware and Rental Center.