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What a Good Girl Did

by Elizabeth Hiebert

(Betty found this story among her long-saved treasures. It makes good companion reading with Paul's "Fire." In both you will find a strong sense of morality and duty, traits that too often have been undervalued in this present age, etc. etc. and soforth. -Editor's Note)

One day a little girl named Mary went to the store after breakfast.

She only had five pennies that she was going to buy some candy with, but instead she bought some vegetables for dinner.

On the way home she met a young lady who was a widow. Just then a boy ran by and said, "Come along because I have a secret to tell you."

"No," said Mary. "I want to help this widow because she is very sick."

Then Mary helped the widow home and then she went home and told her mother.

Elizabeth Hiebert, Age 7
(KodaiSchool Student Paper) August, 1941