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The Story of My Life
Part 2
by C. N. Hiebert, brother of Grandpa N. N. Hiebert

(This is part of a folder put together by C. N. Hiebert; it has the history of the Hiebert family together with this narrative about his life.)

After a few years of colportage work my health improved. In my travels in Oklahoma I came to the home of David Harms, who also used to be a Bible colporter many years ago, and he saw the necessity of such work. Here I learned to know his daughter Tina, who was a nurse. I noticed she was very spiritual and was much concerned about the salvation of lost souls. This drew my attention to her in a special way. And after one year of much praying and searching the Lord's will, we were married on September 24th, 1908, in the home of her parents at Medford, Okla. by Rev. M. M. Just. His text at our wedding was in Joh. 2:1-12, Jesus at the wedding at Cana; and also Eph. 5:20-33.

On Nov. 8th the same year we went to Isabel, Okla. to the conference. At this conference we were asked to do Evangelistic work for 6 months in Okla., Colorado, and Nebraska. Later we went to Minnesota to stay with my parents for a while. And there on July 30th, 1909, our first baby, Esther was born. In the fall of that same year, 1909, at the conference at Henderson, Nebraska we were asked to go to Saskatchewan where I was to do colportage work and Evangelistic work. So we moved to Sask. in 1909 and lived at different rented places like Dalmeny, Hepburn and Waldheim. The work was not always easy, especially when my Dear Tina was sick and had to be operated upon.

When we lived in Brotherfield District at Waldheim, on Dec. 3, 1912, a little son, Ruben was born. He died when he was 10 months old on Sept. 17, 1913 at Mt. Lake when we visited my parents.

On June 21, 1913 we were ordained as minister of the gospel at Dalmeny, Sask. The speakers were elder David Dyck from Waldheim Sask., and Elder Heinrich Voth from Minnesota. The whole congregation prayerfully promised to stand behind us and uphold us before the throne of God.

In the winter of 1915 we lived in Herbert, Sask. for 4 months where I did Evangelistic work in the Herbert District. There our little daughter Hulda was born on Feb. 21, 1915. She was a specially healthy and beautiful child. In Dec. 28, 1915 we moved to Minnesota where we had our home for 1 year, and I did Evangelistic work in Minnesota, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Montana, and Nebraska. In 1916 we moved to Fairview, Okla. from where I worked in Kansas, Okla., and Texas. On Sept. 22, 1916 our sweet little Hulda died, and lies buried in Okla. Esther was very much grieved at the loss of her only sister, but was comforted by us saying we would meet again in heaven, where we would part no more.

In Nov. 1916 when I had Evangelistic meetings in Hillsboro, Kansas, and many souls were saved, I received a telegram that my dear godly mother had passed away to be with the Lord. I went to the funeral to look once more into her saintly face.

On the 26th of Feb. 1917 a son Albert was born in Fiarview, Oklahoma, whom we dedicated to the Lord. He was so very welcome to all of us, but especially to Esther who had till then no brothers nor sisters. She called him, "Bruder Hiebert," a name he carried a long time.

In 1918 we returned to Saskatchewan. In that winter many, many people died of the flu. We also had the flu but lightly. Since my dear Tina was a nurse, she took care of many sick people who were brought into the school house which was made into a hospital for the time being. So many people died, that I sometimes spoke at funerals in the forenoon and in the afternoon. At one funeral the mother, 2 daughters, and a neighbor's son were buried at one time in one afternoon where I spoke at the funeral.

On May 26th, 1919 Erwin was born in Waldheim, Saskatchewan. We were very thankful for our second little son. Little Albert perceived that he was not the baby any more, and in his jealousy said "Sig him out! IU want to sleep with mamma!" But later on they were great pals.

In 1919 we went to California to attend the Torrey Bible Institute in Los Angeles. On our way we stopped in at Hillsboro, Kansas where our father and second mother were living. When my father was a young man he had lost sight on one eye while threshing flax. A flax sliver flew into his eye where it was lodged for over 40 years. Many years later he got blind on his other eye because of cataracts, and so he was totally blind. He was so sad because he could not see us, especially his new grandson, Erwin. He touched our baby Erwin and cried, "My dear grandson, I can feel you but I can never see you." When we were at Los Angeles at the Bible Institute, mother wrote that the Doctor said he would never see on the eye that had the cataract, it was beyond hope; but the Doctor wanted to try to remove that flax sliver in his other eye, which had been there for over 40 years. She asked us to remember them in a very special way in prayer these days. In the church of the Open Door Dr. Torrey requested the church to pray for a successful operation on my father's eye. God answered prayers wonderfully. The Dr. took out the flax sliver, and father recovered his sight on that eye, and could see, even read and write up to the end of hs life. His eye had been blind for over 40 years, and now he could see!

(to be continued)