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My Life Story
Part 3

by Wilma Fast Harder Jungas

Aunt Wilma

After two years, January 17, 1941, our first son, Bruce, was born. Sam took me to my Mother's the day before the due date, lest a blizzard or snowy weather come. Just right, for the next day a little boy was born in the Mountain Lake Hospital. He was a frisky and darling little boy. An experience to remember was when during chores time, Sam was walking past the stock watering tank and saw Bruce's little form sort of floating there in the tank! He yanked him out, placing him face down on the grass. I gave what, to the best of my knowledge, was artificial respiration. I had had only one lesson in this in a physical education class at Mankato College. Another miracle--Sam ran into the house to call the Dr. and, what seemed like ages, but later accounted for only twenty minutes, Dr. Schutz arrived and found a "pulse"! We then took him to the Hospital for a night and day. The Lord was there!

I will skip to the year 1946, on July 7th when our second son, Kent, was born. I don't know--were we now better experienced or more knowledgeable--but the second child was easier to raise. There came the days of high school and girlfriends. There again we must stop to give thanks for them finding the right Christian dear girls, who became our daughters-in-law. Bruce married Kathleen Stoesz from Butterfield and Ken was wed to Sharon Schmor from Canada. For them both finding a very satisfying "life's work" is their story.

One thing I always marvel at, in my mature years. How did my Dad manage with hard times, no big machinery, a "Depression," etc. to build for his family a new brick barn and house which was planned by him and Mr. Bill Regier? The well-kept lawns and grove were an asset to us all. Later this desire for neatness and beauty of yard became too much for Sam. One day, on a sloping lawn edge, he got his foot in the lawn mover resulting in a mashed big toe. Ultimately this happening was a factor in leading to the decision to retire, and lo and behold, Jack and Becky Jungas desired for a move into the country. Thus came about a "move" (another miracle!) and we exchanged homes. They moved into our farm home which they have rejuvenated into an "Estate Type House" and enlarged and beautified yard and lawns, and we, Sam and I, moved into their house on Midway Road. This was the year 1978 and little did we "dream" that this would, for Sam and me, be for only two years. It was after this move than John Jungas and Sam became good friends. John was a good golfer and taught Sam how to golf--a great sport for you don't have to be young to play it and enjoy it. Sam badly needed something to keep him busy and happy away from the farm. Mildred and I became friends via Tuesday Study Club, Mission Society in Christ and "group outings" and fishing trips up North.

Then came the "so hard" year of 1980 when Mildred died on August 12 and Sam died on August 18 from cancer of the lung. There came a time of no more togetherness, for Sam was gone and Mildred was gone! But after several years there was felt a need of "sharing" of our losses and how to cope, etc. So, one lonely Sunday afternoon, John called me to see if I was unoccupied - we'd go for a ride and share how we were coping!

There came more Sundays like that, sharing our loneliness and missing our spouses until The Lord revealed more of "His caring."

Our wedding was set for January 12, 1985, four years after Sam and Mildred's deaths. For our honeymoon we drove to Florida and stayed for two months. This proved to be so new a type of area and also so new a type of life that I felt almost young again. We came home to our same church, same friends, same home for John and a new "added family" which proved to be very good. So life was very good again, with my two sons and my four grandchildren all happy with me and for me. Having John's three children, who have all made Mountain Lake their home and life's working place, has been such an asset.

My two sons keep in close communication. One of them has kept a weekday phone contact with me all of these twenty-one years since Sam's death. What a "blessing" family can be!

Both John and I have experienced some serious illnesses, but that, too, is in The Lord's Hands and we place our Trust in Him. He has wonderfully led us all our lives and has given John and me fifteen years of great blessings and togetherness, as John takes care of me and I of him.

(Written by Wilma Jungas in February, 2001)