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An Asperger Heart

by Michael McCroskery

A child so loving I always did be.
My heart forever wanting to pour out much glee.
Not a frog nor a toad could make my heart skip.
Just succulent words that came off of my lip.
Once told that my style was maybe too old.
I embraced myself for becoming so ever bold.
A heart full of laughter belonging just to me.
Wanting that moment to let out all that can be.
With my wit of words at my command,
My longing love will be so ever grand.
With pencil with paper I could write,
My ingenuity of passion flexing its might.
A finished product I could give,
For my true love so longing to live.
Will she love it I want to know.
If so, may her eyes forever glow?
Now that my words have done their trick.
My heart will never be sick.
For that is an Asperger Heart
That belongs to a person so smart.

Copyright 2005 Michael J McCroskery