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Anna Jungas and the Horse Ride

by John Jungas

This is a story Uncle John told about our mom, Anna Jungas Hiebert, when she was young.

Anna and John Jungas Riding Horse with Cousin Pete Pankratz

I will try telling you how and why your mother fell off the horse. When I was just a youngster, my folks took all of us on a vacation to visit my Uncle living out on a farm in Montana. My Uncle's name was Peter P. Pankratz. He was married and had ten children (only one girl). A few miles away my other Uncle (Jacob P. Pankratz) had homesteaded acres of land and built a small shack on it. One day one of the boys, my sister Anna, and I decided to go to see this shack on horseback. All three of us were already set to go, when your mother's horse got scared of something and started to run away. It was good that Anna had low shoes on. Her saddle turned and luckily her shoe got stuck in the stirrup and came off, letting her fall away; she might have gotten killed had not her shoe come off. She was shaken, but was O.K.

I know that this is what happened because I saw it with my own eyes.

One of the ten children was killed in that DEATH march by the Japanese In the war, two boys are still farming the same land, one is a mechanic. Every year or so one stops in the store to make a short visit.

Now you know the story about your mother and the falling off of the horse.