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Russian Pancakes

Here's another Betty special - a never-fail recipe for big pancakes known as crepes or flimsen or Russian pancakes.

We had these almost every Sunday night at our house with the four children because they liked them and it was so fast and easy. Try them.




Mix flour and milk with the baking powder and salt; then add beaten eggs. Batter should be thin. Pour about 1/3 C of the batter into a large frying pan. Tip the pan so the batter spreads out very thin over the bottom of the pan. Brown on one side and then turn on the other side when there are bubbles in the pancake and the one side is brown enough to suit your taste (medium to high heat).

Fill with jelly, fresh fruit(e.g. raspberries), icecream with kahlua, or whatever. My favorite way is to make a vegetable crepe first and a dessert crepe second. They are best hot off the stove so we just take turns waiting for them.

Vegetable Filling:
Lightly brown an onion cut fine. Add a can of asparagus spears cut up(or fresh is better). Add 1 T flour or so and then add some milk to make a light white sauce. I also add a little white wine of some sort. Salt and pepper to taste. You could use any vegetable, but asparagus is my favorite.