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Lentil Curry

Rather tasty, for a quick curry recipe. To make mine hotter, I slice up a couple of hot peppers (a serrano and a fresno) and saute them with the onions. Serve with basmati rice. -Steve



  1. Wash lentils thoroughly in cold water; put them in a pot and cover with water; simmer covered until tender.
  2. While lentils are cooking, caramelize the onions in vegetable oil in large skillet.
  3. Combine curry paste, curry powder, turmeric, cumin, chili powder, salt, sugar, garlic, and ginger in a mixing bowl. Mix well.
  4. When the onions are cooked, add the curry mixture to the onions and cook over a high heat stirring constantly for 1 to 2 minutes.
  5. Stir in the tomato puree (or diced tomatoes) and reduce heat; simmer this base until lentils are ready.
  6. When the lentils are tender, drain them briefly. Mix the curry base into the lentils and serve with basmati rice.