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Curry Puffs

Taken from the Kodai Alumni Magazine, Spring, 1998


  • Place above ingredients in frying pan; saute until meat is done. Fill in pastry triangles or squares.

    Pastry for Puffs:

  • Mix all ingredients as for any pastry, omitting the suet. Work into a smooth dough. Roll out think spread with suet and fold and roll again, until all suet has been spread on, layer after layer, at least 8 times. (Again, this sounds optional; high in calories, I'm sure!) This makes a delicious pastry.

  • Note: This is as far as the recipe goes in the alumni magazine. I'm not sure how you stuff & bake/fry them, but I checked the samosa recipe in my book and the following is what they say to do. I figure samosas are a lot like curry puffs, right? -Jo

  • SAMOSAS: Roll dough into thin 5" - 6" circles. Cut in half. Place stuffing on one side. Fold other half over and seal raw edges. Deep-fry until golden brown. Drain and serve hot.