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Family Newsletter - Winter, 2006

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From: Frank and Jo

I've been aware that our house is filled with the art I love the best--pieces from India and art by my siblings and sons--but I hadn't realized how much family art had affected our home design until I decided to take pictures of these pieces. I thought I'd make one collage of all the artwork, but found I had way too many pieces to put into just one collage, so I decided to put together several collages and post them under Stories & Such when I have time to do them in good Anna-Hiebert style (e.g., as perfect as I can make them, and definitely better than any neighbors or friends might do them...). Thanks so much, everyone, for all the art pieces you've shared with us!

Gwen & Dick and Frank & I will be heading to the Grand Canyon this next Tuesday for a few days of amazing beauty. We'll let you know about our adventures in the next family update.

From: Linda

Just a short note to say that I'm alive and well, living a new life on my own in L.A. I'm a Designer/Project Manager at the hospitality (hotel) design firm, Cheryl Rowley Design. Attached photo is from a company party last year with co-workers and their spouses.

My two older sons also live in L.A. Jesse is 25 and works for a mortgage broker. Chris, 23, got married last Oct. and works as a TV editor, doing contract work in reality TV at companies like MTV & E-TV. Dashiell, 20, is a junior at San Francisco State, studying journalism/photo journalism.

My new address is 860 S Wooster St., #306. Los Angeles, CA 90035. If anyone's ever in L.A., gve me a call.

From: Gwen

In January Dick was visiting relatives in New York when he had a heart attack. Gwen rushed up to hold his hand while they put some more stints into an old by-pass. After a week of very cold Syracuse weather, and staying cooped up with relatives, the doctor released Dick to go home. Gwen survived only because JoAnn's Fabrics was holding a massive Going Out of Business sale. I'm telling you, home never looked so good before!


Here are some more pictures that Niks has taken on his trips around the countryside in Nigeria. The cows remind me of the ones we used to see in India.

From: Dave and Beverly

Dave Zapata has taken a new job in Bellingham, WA, and he and Bev are starting to look for a new house to buy. Dave started the new job Jan. 2, as an engineer designing cooking equipment for the Wood Stone Corporation. Bev will be working from home for her current employer in Vancouver, WA. The Lord knew what he was doing when he opened this position...perfect timing, great opportunity, new company really excited about having him.

Bev is still living in Vancouver, WA as a result of her lease terms that expire in June. Our original plans to both work from home in Vancouver fell through when Dave's former company reneged on their offer AFTER Bev had already moved to Vancouver in April 2006. We see each other about every 3 weeks for a weekend.

Dave found out last week that he will a grandpa for a second time this coming September. Second son Aaron and his wife Dawn are the proud parents of 2-year-old Levi, who now graduates to the larger guest room!

214-334-9229 - Dave's Cell

From: Barb

(Barb sent in this information about Bryan's music website. We're also adding this to our books/etc section. )

Bryan's music website:
People can sample his music and purchase CDs through the CD Baby link. His music has brought enjoyment to many people, and I imagine a number of our family may enjoy it. - Barb

From: Harlan

The only big news from here is that Mary is now being homeschooled. She gave up her Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship (for high school) to work on her own at home, and she is doing very well. She left high school the Monday before Thanksgiving, but what with family trips, getting her wisdom teeth out, a mild case of flu, and Christmas, she didn't really get started on her own work until the first of this year. She's already completed the reading list for AP English and is 5/6-ths of the way through the AP Biology textbook.

Travel news is that Carol is visiting Omaha at the moment, and we are going to Kauai the first week in March, and Carl is coming with us. Also, Carol and the girls are going to Italy in May, and Carl is going with them.

From: Betty

Recently Betty received word of a very prestigious award being established in her honor. The Journal of Psychological Inquiry will be presenting an annual Elizabeth A. Dahl Ph.D. Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research. Each year students compete to have their research papers published by this Journal, and some are asked to present their papers at the meeting of the Great Plains Behavioural Research Association, which includes the Mid-West states. As part of this meeting, the winner of the Elizabeth A. Dahl Award will receive this special recognition and $100. The first award will be given this spring. Bets, you certainly deserve this honor.

Dan will be receiving an award from the National Psychiatric Association this March for his excellence in teaching. Dan teaches medical residents at the University of Alabama Medical School. Congratulations, Dan.

From: Paul

I got back from India on Wednesday evening and am trying to catch up on a thousand things, such as house, bills, change car oil, get my glasses fixed and so on. The last night before coming, I had a fight with a two-inch cockroach, and lost. I was in the shower when it came running by. I know better--just leave it alone and all will go on smoothly. But I decided I would get it, so I took the plunger near the stool and started running around the room swatting it as hard as I could. To no avail. It ran into the bedroom and I chased it. The floor was slick and I slipped and fell flat, bumping my head and getting a gash above my eyebrow and bending my glasses. It got away. So I learned my lesson again, as I have had to learn it many times in the past. That is why they have survived for many thousands, even milllions of years, and we haven't as humans.

(Loey, remember the story Mom told about when you were little and she found you busy chomping on something while holding half a cockroach? Yuk.)

I had better luck with a cobra outside my front door at Bangalore. The cobra was going through the rose garden as I left my front door to go to the neighbors' house for evening dinner. It was still light, and the cobra started across the sidewalk. I noticed it and thought it was a garden snake because it was not too big. But then I saw its hood and realized it was a cobra. I didn't have a stick so I called out, "Is anyone around?" A student who had seen me looking intently thought that there might be a snake, so he came running with a big bamboo stick. The cobra had gone into the corner, hiding under the water drain pipe, but he hit it and killed it. It was young--about a yard long or so--not an old fully grown one. But I was happy we got it because the kids run along that sidewalk a lot in the evenings with poor or no lights. So much for an evening walk.

From: Noah Sorensen

Noah's very good friend Chewbacca the Hamster died this last month so we buried him out near our woods. We will miss Chewy, even though he lived up to his name and chewed up several parts of our new carpeting in the computer room in his attempts to escape.... Chewy loved to have Noah hold him and play with him.

Chewy with his good friend Noah

Noah also made a Super Duper Cake with his Grandma. To see the recipe, go to the Kids' Section and click on Stories by Kids. All of the younger kids will really want to try this cake recipe (as you can tell by the look on Noah's face...)!