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Family Newsletter - Spring, 2008

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On Eagle's Wings

You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord,
who abide in his shadow for life,
say to the Lord: "My refuge,
my Rock in whom I trust."

And He will raise you up on eagle's wings,
bear you on the breath of dawn,
make you to shine like the sun
and hold you in the palm of His hand.

The snare of the fowler will never capture you,
and famine will bring you no fear:
under His wings your refuge,
His faithfulness your shield.

You need not fear the terror of the night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
though thousands fall about you,
near you it shall not come.

For to his angels He's given a command,
to guard you in all of your ways,
upon their hands they will bear you up,
lest you dash your foot against a stone.

We lost our much-loved Betty on May 19th, and on May 23rd we as a family gathered to say our goodbyes to her. Bets had requested that we sing the above song at her funeral; I wasn't sure if we'd be able to do that but we joined together and sang this for her and it was very comforting to know she was hearing us as we sang.

The service was beautiful. Family members shared their memories of Betty, and colleagues from Creighton told of her friendship and the impact she had in the psychology department. Chaplain Dan Johnston, a friend of Betty's, spoke about her life and her love for her family.

Her obituary read: "Elizabeth Ann Dahl, Ph.D., "Betty," age 73 years of Omaha, NE. She was a loving wife, caring mother and grandmother and devoted sister. She chaired the psychology department at Creighton University, where she taught for 25 years. She is survived by her husband, Carl H. Dahl; children, Daniel Dahl, David Dahl, Carol Sexton and Michael Dahl; eight grandchildren; five sisters."

Some of you have asked about memorials. Betty was very instrumental in having her undergraduate students involved in doing high-level research, with many submitting their work and presenting at conferences, so the family has suggested that memorials go to: Elizabeth A. Dahl Creighton Student Research Fund, Psychology Department; 2500 California Plaza, Omaha, NE 68178-0321

From: Frank and Jo

I had completed this web update on the morning of May 19th and was just waiting for a quiet moment to upload it when we received word that Betty had died. As much as we knew that this was coming, it was still hard to believe that we wouldn't be able to see her and talk with her again. With Paul's death a year ago and now Betty's, along with Grace's over 10 years ago, it has left such a large hole in our sibling group. We will miss her so much.

As for our life in Fort Collins, we've now been here over eight months and enjoying our life here. We're busy playing with boys and working on the house. We have a guest room downstairs so please do come visit us. We'd even take you to The Star of India, our favorite Indian restaurant.

We went up to see Loey at Stevensville early in April. Loey and Gary have made their house into an amazing home. We drove up into the mountains and found snow up about 10 feet where the plows had come through. Gorgeous. Another day we roamed along a creek and looked for wildlife, like ospreys and Canadian snow geese. This is such a beautiful area.

Margy came for a visit in late April so of course we had to introduce her to The Star of India, our favorite Indian restaurant. Gentry took us on a mountain hike around Sprague Lake, which was still covered with some ice, and we took a look around The Stanley Hotel, where Stephen King wrote and later filmed The Shining. It was neat seeing my two little sisters in one month.

We have some updates in our birthday page. If you have some you want added or changes in email addresses, please send them to me. Thanks.

I found these sketches of a Kodai map that Paul made one day when we were trying to figure out where the different places we remembered were located. I thought you'd enjoy looking at them--and add more features and send them to me, if you want to. - Jo

From: Loey

After five years I finally returned to India - this time with Nikhil and Jennifer who came from Nigeria, Priya from Seattle and Gary from Kodai where he is volunteering for a couple of months. We all met in Delhi where two Mr. Singhs picked us up and drove us around Rajasthan for two weeks. The trip was full of adventures - camel riding, shopping, staying in a 1000 year old fort, maharaja palaces, and lots of Indian food. Nikhil and I had great fun with our new digital SLRs! See Nikhil's pictures at http://picasaweb.google.com/njaisinghani/India.

I'm looking forward to seeing so many of the second generation at the family reunion! Until then, Loey

From: Barb

Bria Hiebert-Crape will become Bria Aulisio on August 2, 2008, in Towson, Maryland. Bria and Dan met at their college swing dancing club and quickly developed a friendship. Bria said this about her courtship, "We got to know each other over a number of months--with the Eastern [University] paparazzi close on our backs. After one night where he walked me home, he received a couple messages from friends via aim--'so I saw you walk Bria to her room.' There was no way to keep the Eastern Gossip Squad quiet. Weeks before we started dating, half my friends were in on it with him (not unlike my engagement) and there were few left to tell when it finally happened. But it did, we dated, we lived, we tried to kill each other, moved on, and fell back, kept going, and it was good."

Barb just co-authored a book on how to make healthy foods: Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Health: Hundreds of Ways to Incorporate Omega-3 Rich Foods into Your Diet to Fight Arthritis, Cancer, Heart Disease, and More. Fantastic accomplishment, Barb!

Note: I've tried several of the recipes and they're delicious. I'm also learning a lot about how to develop a healthy diet. Thanks so much, Barb. You can order Barb's book through Barnes & Noble and also through Amazon. -Jo

From: Gwen

The Schroths: We took a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands in November together with some of our children and grandchildren. We are looking forward to the reunion in August! Meanwhile, we will plant our gardens, tend the flowerbeds, and fight the grasshoppers when they invade - usually about June or July. With old age comes the realization that peace and quiet, and even boredom, is a good thing.

My Kodai class reunion is being planned for 2009 in Costa Rica and we class members are collecting a list of books that pertain to India. If you know of any books to add to this, please send me the names and authors. Thanks.

(For those of you with younger children, here are some books we found for John's India project:
Living in India, by Ruth Thompson
India, by Elaine Landau
Rama and the Demon King, by Jessica Souhami (really good one)

Another of Gwen's amazing creations

From: Gentry, John and Noah

There are three new stories in the Stories by Kids Section: Gingy and Smoky by Noah; Brian the Dragon by John; Food Fight by Gentry.

The boys are having great new experiences here in Fort Collins, as you can see from these photos:

From: Harlan

One big piece of news from us is that Mary had a total thyroidectomy on January 29th (her 17th birthday), and it has made a very marked positive difference to her health. She went from being chronically tired and usually ill to being a healthy teenager with some allergies. She's able to study again, and is going to be able to return the Ross Mathematics Program at Ohio State this summer. And she's happy again.

Katherine's AYSO Spring team has currently won every game, the closest game being 4-1. They are going to tournaments in Hawaii and Lake Taho this summer, as well as a couple in California during the spring. And Katherine is going to Japan for 8 days with her classmates at the end of April. (Sorry I'm getting this news in so late, Katherine; we hope you had a wonderful time. -Jo)

Note from Phyl and Elmer regarding the memorial center to be built in Shamshabad:

Paul and Frances Hiebert Memorial Academic Center

To honor Paul and Frances Hiebert, plans are underway to construct a two-story classroom building to be known as the Memorial Academic Center, on the campus of the Bible College in Shamshabad India, there Paul taught and served as principal.

Paul Wiebe, long-term educator in India, returned recently with preliminary sketches of the structure by architects Oscar and Ponni. The 8000 square foot structure will contain six classrooms, a computer room, and some offices. The projected cost is $300,000.

Two information meetings (read: fund-raising) were held in California in May. A considerable number of gifts (some major) have been received. Paul himself left $50,000 in his will for the school. The India MB church is committed to raising 10% of the cost.

Contributions, tax deductible in amounts large and small are strongly encouraged. Gifts and pledges (over a two year period), if received by September might make possible construction in early 2009. Contributions should be mailed to MBMS International. 4867 E. Townsend Ave. Fresno, CA 93727-5006 with the memo line marked: India C0585.

Entire classrooms can be named as desired for gifts of $20,000. Plaques, differing in size will be inscribed and suitably placed, according to $5,000 gradations, eg., $20,000-15,000; $5000-$1000. A listing of donors for those who give $500-999 will be posted.

Paul is fully deserving of such honor. Paul believed deeply in the importance of training pastors and church leaders in India. He saw this as a continuation of what he, his parents and grandparents had begun as missionaries. He returned repeatedly to teach at the Bible College. During his last visit to India he called together at the College a group of pastors to teach and encourage them in their ministry

Paul was a world-class missiologist who practiced what he preached. Dr. Robert Priest, Dean of the Ph.D Program of Intercultural Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, described Paul as "arguably the world's leading missiological anthropologist." He was at his death the Distinguished Professor of Mission and Anthropology at Trinity.

Paul is the author of 150 articles and some 11 books. His latest book, published after his death is entitled: Transforming World Views. An Anthropological Understanding of how People Change. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2008.

Reminder for those of you who are coming to the Hiebert Reunion at Seeley Lake, Montana:

Dates: August 7 to 10, 2008
Place: Double Arrow Resort, Seeley Lake, Montana
We will be having a buffet supper August 8th and 9th; price per person is $18, plus tip. A full breakfast is included in the price of the cabins--we had these when we were at the wedding and they were excellent. Folks will be on their own for lunches since we'll be going different directions during the day. There are many places to hike, boat and explore.

FOR ALL OF THE FAMILY: Whether you will be able to attend or not, please send a photo of your family to Jo (2413 Constitution Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80526). Jo and Steve will be putting together a booklet of family photos for everyone. If you could get these to us by the end of June, this would be great. Thanks.