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Family Newsletter - Spring, 2006

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From: Frank and Jo

Thanks, everyone, for all the news and photos! It might take a bit of time to download all of these but they definitely are worth it. Enjoy catching up with what's happening in our family these days, especially with Holly and David. Congratulations, you two!

Frank and I had a great time at the Grand Canyon with Gwen and Dick. If you haven't seen the Canyon, be sure you take the time to do this. It's completely awesome. A highlight of our trip there was Dick and Gwen's treat for us: a fancy dinner at the El Tovar. First time I'd ever eaten roast duck; it was delicious.

Frank, Gwen and I just spent some time with Bets while Carl was in Italy with Carol, Mary and Katherine. Bets is busy doing pottery projects; she's made some garden pieces for Margy and flower pots for some of us and has orders for more pieces. We had a great time together--reminded us of the years we shared a bedroom in Reedley. Bets had to try to keep peace between the two of us younger ones (a HARD job) and tell us stories at night to get us to sleep.

I'm starting to put together pictures for a family photo album section for our webpage. Several of you have sent yours--thanks. I'll let you know when I have it up and running.

From: Eloise

These are photos Eloise sent of Holly and David's wedding. What a beautiful bride you were, Holly, and what a special day for all your family! We wish you and David a lifetime of friendship and love.

From: Barb

As if there were not enough doctoral degrees in this family, we celebrated with Bryan as he received his Doctorate in Sacred Music degree from the Graduate Theological Foundation on May 5th in South Bend, Indiana. He looked very smart in his black robe and hood with pink lining! The following week we held a big party at our house, during which Bryan played a musical tribute to his first piano teacher and his father, both of whom were there. Bryan recounted how his father used to save up rolls of pennies for his piano lessons, and how he disassembled and reassembled a piano that somone gave him, so that Bryan would have an instrument to play. Bryan's teacher told how she took him to the Peabody Institute early on, afraid that she would not have the skill to teach him. They instructed her to continue giving him lessons "until he won't listen to you anymore," a day which came much later on. Bryan also told of his time at Juliard, and why he left that school to pursue his own calling. It was a very moving tribute, with some lighthearted moments as well.

Bria has a job at Eastern University for the summer. She is happy to be housed in an on-campus apartment with 3 other girls, and very near her boyfriend, Dan. She was a bridesmaid in her cousin Holly's wedding, and celebrated her 20th birthday in May.

I still love working in my field of Nutrition, and have lately taken up several speaking engagements. If anyone in the family needs nutrition information, please do not hesitate to email me (browe2@jhmi.edu)!

From: Harlan

As you know, Carol, Mary, Katie, and Carl are leaving for a trip to Italy on May 31 and return June 8. (So we don't have any pictures, yet.) Also, Mary was accepted into the Ross Program in Mathematics, which is an intense 8-week summer math program at Ohio State. They take very smart high school kids and put them through a full year undergraduate course in number theory in two months. She leaves for that on June 18, and we'll miss her, but I know she's going to love it. (This counts as an extreme form of home-schooling, I think.)

Carol has been playing soccer (a lot) lately, and is in excellent shape. And Katie has progressed enough in her singing lessons that it is a great pleasure even to listen to her practice a new song. She starts 6th grade this summer (her Montessori school goes all year round, and as she is one of most advanced of the kids heading into "upper school", they want her to start in the summer so she can show other kids the ropes when they begin in the fall).

The DARPA project at Stanford that I work for is going very well. We are supposed to have the stage 2 approval meeting today -- the only concern" our program manager (the guy in Washington that oversees the work and actually gets the approval for more money) had is that we have completed many stage 2 milestones already (that is, we are far ahead of our plan), but there is an arbitrarily large amount of work to be done, so there is no danger of us running out of things that need doing. Anyway, I expect that we'll get approval soon.

Note added:
My paragraph about getting DARPA approval is already out of date. The project got approved on the basis of the slides submitted in advance -- the program manager didn't get to open his mouth before he was told that it was a go, and the only question was if the PI needed more money than he was asking for.

From: Linda

Grace's kids in 2006

Me with my boys and Carly (on right, Chris's wife) and Anne (at left, Jesse's fiance)

From: Gwen

This quilt took 49 different oriental fabrics to make. I believe it will always be my favorite. Of course, I had to buy 1/4 or 1/3 or even a yard of each fabric so I have lots and lots left over but don't ask me to make you one, at least not right now.

We went to the Grand Canyon with Jo and Frank in March and had a great time! You can see from the picture that we ate much of the time in between sightseeing.

In May we took daughter Jean and family to Niagra Falls and enjoyed watching them get a thrill at seeing one of the world's greatest wonders. They had just spent a week in Washington D.C. so when I said that the grandchildren were so very well behaved in Niagra, Jean said, "These are not the same children we had in D.C.!" It is the grandparents' influence, I know.


Finished all my classes with a B:
Intro to Earth Science plus lab. Lab grade is separate from lecture; Intro to Anthropology--I know Paul will be so proud of me for taking this. I really enjoyed that course. You definitely learn a lot about who you are and who you are descended from (descendants from tens of thousands of years and more) and other stuff.

Finished my stint as a substitute teacher for the 2005-2006 school year.
I have enjoyed that tremendously. I have worked with ELP, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Head Start, Computer Lab, Library Assistant, Elem. (1-3). "Kristin, I am still waiting on those words of wisdom you have as an elementary teacher." I have learned about all types of work assignments. I have even developed my own class room management style. To those who thought I would or might have trouble, I have proved you all wrong. "Jo, thanks for your advice about being a teacher's aide, but I think my calling is for being a teacher." I have been invited to come back again for the 2006-2007 school year. This definitely disproves my former VOC Rehab counselor who thought I would not be able to hack being a substitute teacher.

Starting February of next year, I will be taking an Educator Prep program for people who already have BA's. The program is designed because of mass number of teacher shortages. The program only lasts a year, since the regular colleges cannot produce enough graduates to fulfill the # of teachers needed. When I finish that program I will want to hear from you, Gwen, on what questions elementary principals ask job applicants. Definitely, will want to hear from Kristin by this time.

My garden stint is going great. You can't imagine how much work I've done on Marg's and my garden. I have done so much, that I get morning aches in my chest due to all the hoeing I have been doing, along with mulching and getting rid of grass debris being hoed up. A section behind our garden has been all hoed up. We are going to be having someone come till it up. We are going to place a black fabric sheet over it, and then mulch it. At some point, mom wants to build a gazebo.

This summer, I am working on clearing out weed debris and other stuff to clear space on allotted land for me to build a house. From May 31- June 6, I am going to be helping Loey with her garden.

From: Loey

News Special: Kirby (Gary's son) and his wife Susan just had a little boy; his name is Sawyer. We should have pictures of Sawyer by the next issue. Enjoy your little tyke, Kirby and Susan!

Life is not dull at the moment - in fact, sometimes I find myself looking forward to those future days in the 'Home', rocking in my chair and looking out the window. Moving is the pits - Gary and the truck full of furniture (mostly Gary's shop stuff!) arrived in early May - until a few days before they arrived it was not clear whether there was going to be a house to move into but legalities were overcome and we are now in the throes of unpacking a myriad of boxes, setting up a functional house, and making Gary's barn/shop operational so he can continue to do his woodworking. This is important because he has been accepted into 3 art shows this summer (Boulder, Belleview, and Big Fork).

The house has great potential (yes, this is another major remodel) - the acre and a half will eventually be reclaimed of 3 foot weeds - the garden will be blooming and producing wonderful vegies - but there is a lot of work between now and the final product. So far the potatos, onions, and corn are in...and Michael is coming for a week to help with the weeds.

My advice - don't ever move! We should all have stayed in Mountain Lake in the first place - what were Mom and Dad thinking????

In the middle of this process Gary and I were able to take a week and meet Nikhil and Jennifer in Morocco. Niks, who is living in Nigeria, didn't recommend that we try to deal with that country so we wandered the markets of Marakesh instead - while staying in lovely riads (historic homes built around a central courtyard).

Everyone is fine - I enjoy the university and gardening, Gary is busy with his clocks, Priya is gearing up to give even more money to village women through the Gates Foundation, Niks is up to his ears in government bureaucracy with USAID, Kirby is now a dad, Chelsea is busy chasing her two while working full time.

New address: Loey Knapp, 526 E. Third St, Stevensville, MT 59870

From: Steve

The year 2006 has turned out to be a bit more of an adventure than I had anticipated on New Year's Eve.

(Definition of an "Adventure": It's not necessarily fun while it's happening!)

Although I actually hit my 20th anniversary working here in Colorado for Hughes (now Raytheon), it turns out that due to the more immediate allocation of government funding to the war in Iraq, the satellite business that I work in is really getting hit hard. We had some significant layoffs this year that got everyone thinking about their own future, including myself!

After some quick soul searching of the type that is brought on by these kinds of situations, I decided it was time to start thinking of my next career.

So as of next fall I will be starting back to school part-time in the University of Colorado's MBA program. Never before in my life did I imagine I'd end up taking business classes, but maybe it's just due to those hidden Jungas genes we all have floating around inside us!

In the meantime I realized I need to quickly enjoy my summer "off" before things get busy in the fall. So I am planning on spending lots of time up hiking and taking photos in the Rockies.

From: Betty

William will be a high school senior but will be taking some college classes. He's busy looking at colleges. Ellen is a great student, like her brother.

David is busy in his real estate law practice. Madison just finished her freshman year in high school. Some of her art work is being placed in competition. Henry will be going into 8th grade; he's still very interested in science.

Mike is financial director of Pew Foundation in Philadelphia. Cindy has a part-time law practice and is very active in St. Peter's School, including her role as PTA president. Nicholas loves to play baseball and soccer, with Mike and Cindy coaching, and Brenden keeps his parents uniquely busy!

Carl went to Italy with Carol, Mary and Katherine. He's become interested in keeping a nice yard. (The flowers are beautiful, Carl. -Jo) He's busy visiting me every day at Immanuel Fontanelle Home and is learning a lot about Photoshop, his next major project.

I keep busy with company: colleagues, friends, students, family. I enjoy my pottery class, which gives me a chance to continue my lifelong love of art. Carl and I passed a milestone this June--our 50th wedding anniversary.

Gwen and Betty working hard on pottery; Jo not working hard on anything....

From: Margy

Brian and I are off to Germany, Switzerland and Austria (castle tours, Rhine River tour, Dachau visit, train rides through the Alps, visit to Mozart's birthplace, and so on). No doubt we will bore everyone with photos when we get back. Michael's spending a week at Loey's, helping clear the land pioneer fashion.

Work is alternately rewarding and aggravating, and more than ever I am envying my retired siblings. Stress relief comes daily from "digging in the dirt" (as Jane calls it) in my garden. Some of Grandpa Jungas and also Grace must have influenced me.

We take side trips for fun -- one to an old mansion B&B in Micanopy (oldest inland settlement in Florida), another to the Ringling complex in Sarasota -- the Ringling mansion, circus museum with humongous entire circus in miniature, rose gardens, and giant banyan trees...one with woodpecker parent and twin babies. The joy, as is often the case, is in the small details of life. Flowers, pets, unexpected architectural beauty, quaint little town streets, garden time with my son, and so forth. Mostly I feel blessed with such a splendid family circle. Love to everyone.

From: Nikhil

These are pictures from Nikhil and Jen, who are with USAid in Nigeria.

From: Karen

Hi everyone,

I wanted to make sure that you get this information and this date in your calendar in case you're able to make it to Elmer and Phyllis' 50th anniversary celebration. Please consider yourselves especially invited!!