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Family Newsletter - September 1998

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From: Steve

We will be keeping the past 3 months of newsletters online due to disk space issues. We DO have the older versions archived offline. So if you happen to want something that is not online anymore, just contact me or Jo.

Also, Chris put some of his play photos from his time at Cornell on the web at:


From: Betty

Nicholas Ryan Dahl arrived on August 25, 1998. Parents are Michael and Cindy Dahl . Their address is 200 E. 89th Street, Apt. 35B, New York, New York, 10128

Nicholas weighed in at 8 lbs. 11 oz. Cindy had to have a C-section after 30 grueling hours of labor but mother, father and baby are all glad it is over and are doing well. Grandma Betty headed there for two weeks to help out but is back in Omaha.

From: Rick and Karen

Karen and I wanted to alert the family to an email site of our town. Bewdley is now on the web with an opportunity to take a virtual walk around the town.

We know that only a few of the family will be able to come out and visit us (although the invitation is there for anyone who wants to come), but for those who are curious about where we live, this is a great way to see our town.

The 'tour' goes down our road, but unfortunately you can't see our house. However, it does show the tennis club next door ( where Robert Plant from Led Zepplin plays). The photo of the tennis club is taken from our driveway.


To find our house: when you open the site there is an arial photo of the town with a bridge in the middle. Click on the photo, on the next page, click on the photo again. This will take you to the beginning of the 'tour'. The arrow pointing down will take you to a corner. The right arrow will say 'Stourport Road' go this way. Follow this road for three photo's by clicking on the up arrow. You should be able to see a brown sign on the right hand corner. Click anywhere near this sign and you will see the Bewdley Tennis club. As I said, the photo of the parking lot and courts is the view from our house.

Have a wander around the town and see where we live!


From: Jo

Dear Family,

Frank and I went to Boulder in August and had a great time. We stayed with Steve a few days and enjoyed bumming downtown at the Farmer's Market, seeing the Russian Tea House, and having coffee at the many neat coffee shops around. We had an outdoor supper at Loey and Gary's with Priya, Steve, Gwen and Dick, Heller, Lauren and little Anna. Anna is absolutely delightful! Gary is working hard on refurbishing his 1956 truck. Loey, Gwen, Priya and I went up into the mountains for breakfast one morning and solved all the important world problems.

Margy came to Monmouth during the last part of August. We got to meet her friend Brian--neat person! Margy spent hours scanning in old pictures of our family to put with Mother's memoirs. She also scanned in some of Grace's paper dolls. I'm adding one below.

I took pictures to put in this month's web page but left the film down in Springfield--so those will be in next month's news.

Love, Jo

Phyl wrote a note about their Martens family reunion in August:

Our Canada trip is done, 3 weeks + 1 1/2 hrs. Big Martens family get-together in Sask on the old home farm now occupied by 3rd generation of Martens. Our children were there except Ken & Fran in Hanoi so we talked & played with and rocked 4 grandkids (by turns). Mostly mob action though in a large tent erected on the yard. Main meals catered (the first evening tradition prevailed and I with caterer cooked chicken and lentil curries, rice, pappadams (spelling?) etc.) Fun events were auctions of Grandma's remaining things using imaginary Martens Bucks, could bid up to 1000-- old medical book, old Bibles, crocheted afghans, etc. Also fun was the four brothers pantomiming old-time farm chores like catching gophers and gathering cowpies. Much celebrating of birthdays and anniversaries, many of which fall in early August for this clan. One day we went on a river cruise (planned against all odds by Elmer). At one point we fetched up at a clay bank and looked for fossils and Karen, poking at a funny-looking thing, found the vertebrae of some large creature--six in all, to her great delight and the amazement of even the ship's captain. Creature yet to be identified.

Friday Aug. 7 we drove Karen and Rick and Gracie to Calgary airport, spent the night with Heller's aunt -a delightful lady. I promptly came down with a cold and lost my voice. Nevertheless we drove on to Alberta and B.C., visiting elderly relatives all the way, also friends in impressive town houses. ..... Our tastes in old age returning to the simple, we tented in KOA's much of the way. We have these blow-up mattresses but I let the air out of mine because I'm more comfortable on the floor. So...home again. A young man from Taiwan, student at Fresno State, moved in today--a very friendly lively-hearted chap. What with clearing out his room and bringing more stuff back from Canada, including some of Karen and Rick's things, I'm standing in the middle of the house immobile because I don't know where to put things any more. The garage shelves are packed to the roof already. .....

Love, Phyl