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Family Newsletter - September 1999

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Reunion News

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From Jo:

All spring and early summer I was eagerly waiting to see everyone at the reunion. Now it's come and gone and life is back to its usual hectic pace, but the memories continue. It was such a good time together; what a neat family we have.

In thinking about those few days, I have to say that my favorite times were when the kids (and adults) came together to paint their reunion shirts and to make rain sticks. Our newest generation is great fun! I wish folks lived closer together so that these second-cousins could get to know each other better. I know Gentry really enjoyed playing with Henry, and hated to leave the other kids and the mountains.

I liked the times chatting at mealtime, too. I hadn't seen a lot of you nieces and nephews since you were young. David Z., I NEVER would have recognized you if we had passed on the street! Thanks, everyone, for the good meals. Loey and Priya, you might want to consider going into business making curry for family reunions, right?

Among the other things that I enjoyed: the after-dinner presentations, learning mahjong, watching Kailey go from one person to another with utmost trust, talking with my siblings, seeing Papa Michael with Nicholas, watching the family videos and slides, celebrating Loey's birthday, checking up on Businesswoman Priya, walking in the starlight with Migs, being a part of Heller's great musical band. (Did you know that Paul, Betty, Gwen & I got lst prize on the ship for that piece? Unfortunately we got fruity candy bars while 2nd place got gum, which we would have preferred by far.) I'm enjoying my family book; thanks, Phyl, for all your work on it.

So......when are we going to do this again, Phyllis and Loey? We'll come.

Kailey turned 2 at the reunion!

From: Pete & Kristin

This paragraph will quickly list some of the memories each of the members of our family had from the Hiebert Family Reunion in Colorado. Since John cannot yet tell us his memories, we think that he probably remembered crawling around the cabin, eating playdoh and getting up many times each night. We talked toGentry about what he remembered and he said he liked making the rainsticks and T-shirts and playing with Henry. He also liked seeing the mountains and getting to go on short hikes with Uncle Steve. Gentry's one disappointment was that we were not able to play in snow, which we had told him he might be able to do. Kristin enjoyed being able to meet many of the family from the Hiebert side, as well as getting to see Steve. I also enjoyed getting to see the family and was happy to see such a nice group of people. That will probably be my most prominent memory of the reunion--that the family has such a good group of people in it. I was also glad that Gentry got to meet and play with some of his cousins. And of course, we all enjoyed the scenery.

The newest Anna and John


From: Gwen

I loved the reunion! Seeing all of us in one place at one time was awesome. How did mom do it? It was special to include mom and Grace via video and slides - I felt that they were there too. The amount of planning really paid off and I thank those who did so much work. We certainly are a family of leaders and doers. I was struck by the fact that our children and grandchildren are all such fine people, just in terms of who they are, their values, their care and concern for others, and the fact that they all took time and resources to attend. I vote for another reunion, same place, in five years.

Never bored


From: Margy

Beyond a doubt, this was the best reunion to date! Perhaps not counting the get together for Mom's 90th birthday...when Mom and Gracie were still with us. That was a special time, not to be compared with anything else. I think Phyll was right...we all seem to be past childhood rivalries, insecurities, competitions. Michael and I enjoyed every minute: the quiet moments with one-on-one visits, the group activities so creatively designed and coordinated, the special events for kids, the fabulous curry dinner and other shared meals, the laughter, the memories, the slide and video shows, camping out, meeting new family members, getting reacquainted with those not seen for ages. The whole thing. Wonderful! I am so proud to be part of this family.

I am reminded what decent, kind, creative, intelligent, energetic, adventurous, whole people are in this family of mine. My thanks to the tasks everyone took on to make it all work so seamlessly, yet so spontaneously. Can't wait til the next time.

Migs, with Guatemalan fabric for Gwen

From: Phyl

What I remember is mainly working with Gwen and Paul to get our photo book together; going on a leg-crunching hike with Loey and others; handing out goofy prizes with Elmer; watching lively Anna while Elmer, Lauren & Heller were in the hot springs; and driving back to Boulder with Margie and Michael after another grinding hike with them plus Lauren and Heller. And of course Loey's celebration and the worship service with Paul and Eloise. Thinking about it later, I felt the atmosphere had been free and easy without the tensions present in some of the other reunions--everyone seemed relaxed, having a good time. It was especially good that so many of the next generation were there--Betty's four, Sandra, David Z, and so on. Great that you were interested enough to come. Good thing, too, since the next reunion will be planned and executed by YOU! We're grateful to God for the safety of all during travel.


Having a deep philosophical chat?

The youngest great-aunt meets the youngest great-nephew

For other pictures of the reunion sent in by Pete & Kristin, Gwen, Sandra and Jo, check out our family Reunion News Page. It'll bring back good memories!

Family Reunion Photos!

From: Steve

If any of you are interesting in seeing a bunch of photos of the Sorensen bunch at the family reunion, I put some up on a separate page.

Just click here: Sorensen reunion photos