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Family Newsletter - October 1998

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From: Phyllis

NOW LISTEN UP. Our 7th grandchild has arrived! Vern and Sally in Texas had their baby girl last Sunday--Catherine Ruth, 6 lb. 15 oz. Three weeks early. Big sister Abby will be Mom's Assistant #1 with brother William trailing in as #2.

Vern sounded fairly undisturbed about it all; after all, as he said, it's the third.

NOTE: This is a new photo that Vern sent in after our initial Newsletter update.

From: Betty

Here are some pictures of the newest member of our family--Nicholas Ryan Dahl.

Michael and son Nicholas

Nicholas Ryan

Michael, Cindy and Nicholas

Dan and Terri's wedding in August

Betty and Carl living it up at Disney World with William, Ellen, Terri and Dan

From: Rick and Karen

There is a new batch of Grace photo's on the web that you may want to link to or download. The address is:



From: Jo

Anna enjoying her walk around Loey/Gary's yard with Great-aunt Jo

Gentry and Grandpa Frank playing Follow the Leader

From: Sandra

Sandra sent this picture of 1-year-old Kailey.

Sandra and Chris' Kailey

From: Phyl

Phyl and Elmer and family at their summer reunion in Saskatchewan. Elmer's wish to be a grandfather is obviously being fulfilled.