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Family Newsletter - Nov/Dec 2003

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From: Caroline Kunkel Kipps

(This is a note we received from Aunt Marie's granddaughter. She found our family page on the web and contacted us. Small world!)

Jo and Betty,

Thank you for your notes. I've so enjoyed researching the family history a bit and the Hiebert web page was a big surprise to find!

My father, Arlo, is the youngest of Marie and Gust's four children: Delores, Marna, Eldred, and Arlo. Delores died a year or so ago; Marna died young; Eldred lives in California; and my dad, Arlo, and my mom, the former Miriam Becker, have retired here to Charlottesville. I have an older brother, Jay, who lives in Japan. 

I have met Tal Hiebert and Ray Hiebert and my father remembers your family visiting at least once. Their farm was actually located near Freeman, South Dakota. I spent many summers in Freeman while growing up. 

Best wishes this holiday season.

From: Jo

We're busy working on our new home. It's beautiful and peacful out here at the edge of town, and we're enjoying watching the sunrises and sunsets and the occasional deer that wander through our yard. Any of you that are going through Illinois, stop by. We'd love to have you come visit.

We'd better get things done at our house soon since Pete & Kristin have decided to open a third Subway, this one about 70 miles away. I figure Frank will soon be helping Pete renovate a shop there, and I'll be VERY busy playing with kids. So far retirement has been anything but dull!

From: Chris

Chris Sorensen and Chris Armbrister's adaptation of "A Christmas Carol" titled "A Cripple Creek Christmas Carol" opened on the stage of the Butte Opera House in Colorado on November 28th. Chris was happy to be able to direct the show this year, which boasted an original musical score by James Mablin. Happy Holidays to all!

Butte Opera House on opening night
Photo by Steve

From: Gwen

Hello from Texas. I am visiting Betty this week while Carl is in Paris learning to bake so expect great goodies from him next reunion. David's children came over last night and put up the Christmas tree. Betty and I are putting the finishing touches on her book and it should go to print this week! A truly magnificant effort on her part - saves the rest of us the time of trying to get our history down in writing.

In Texas we are building a large hobby house for Dick's trains and my quilting so that is where I expect to spend all my spare time from now on.

Merry Christmas to all!

From: Michael

I'm finishing up another semester of study for my AAS in Early Childhood Management. I'll be taking 2 and maybe 3 classes in Spring, and hopefully will get credit for prior certificate program work and thus graduate in May. I'm waiting to get called in for volunteer work at a group foster home complex called Everyday Blessings...kids from tiny to teenage.

I've been joining mom as a ballroom dance partner at volunteer dance shows at local nursing homes during Christmas season. In between I help care for our menagerie out here: 4 dogs now, and 7 cats. We are more or less permanent foster home for our dog Charlie's younger brother Winston.

From: Barbara

Hi friends and family:

This is my new email address: BarbaraDHiebert@aol.com

Hope you all are doing well!

From: Loey

News from Loey and Gary:
-Loey, Gary, Nikhil and Priya are spending several weeks in Guatemala during December. Niks and Priya will be working hard learning Spanish so they can pass their language exam preparatory to graduating this summer.
-Gary and Loey bought a house in Longmont. Gary's busy building a workshop; then he plans to add an addition of about 1400 square feet---probably so there'll be room for ALL of us to come visit. Right, Gary?
-Loey is finishing up her last year at Kodai. She moved to a cottage near the Kodai Elementary School; we were in that area when we went to Kodai and it's so much like the old Kodai we knew---green, lots of trees and space to roam, quiet...except for all the little kids! One of her latest projects has been to redo the student lounge; looks great with all the bright colors (see picture below). She's been visiting fabric shops in the mill towns of south India and plans to do more shopping in Rajasthan in February. She'll be cohosting a photography exhibition next semester and is busy getting some of her photos ready for this. Loey----I can see you at 90; you'll be just like Mom, staying up until after midnight because you have so much to do.

Student lounge in Kodai

From: Betty

Carl is on his second trip to Paris. This time he is taking cooking classes for one week at the Cordon Bleu. He looks forward to it. This week will be croissants, rolls, and sweet rolls. He is enjoying learning to cook and is far more innovative than I ever was. I tell the usual excuse: so little money and so little time when the kids were home.

Mike and Carol and their families came for Thanksgiving, and Dan and his family come for Christmas. Enjoyable times.

Now that I am done writing my autobiograhy, I will have to find something meaningful to do. I am holding on and each month I look for that magic cure. It appears they are very close. Keep me in your prayers.

From: Harlan

We went to Carl and Betty's for Thanksgiving, and Carol's brothers Dave and Mike were there with their families (although Dave's wife, Susan, was sick on Thanksgiving day). My dad also came this year, and we all had a wonderful time.

Mary's soccer team tied for the city championship in her division. We had to cancel our fall visit to Disneyland because her team played in a district tournament this weekend. Last year her team won that, too, and went on to come in third in the region, but this year they had too many sick girls. They had two 0-0 games and a 1-0 game, which wasn't enough to advance to the next level, but since Mary was one of the girls that was sick, I was just as happy for it to end.

We plan to spend a quiet Christmas at home (although Carol will be working hard).
(From earlier note:)

Mary attended a 3-week math camp this summer. They spent 5hr/day, 5 days a week doing math. Here is one of my favorite problems that she brought home:

You have 36 lights numbered 1 through 36, and they are all turned off. You say that you are "inverting" a light if you turn it off if it is on, and turn it on if it is off. On the first step, you turn on all 36 lights (you are "inverting" them since they are off). On the second step you invert all of the even numbered lights. On the 3rd step, the lights that are a multple of 3, and so on through the 36th step. At the end of all of these steps, which lights are on?

(Okay, you math whizzes; figure this one out and send the answer to Mary!)

From: Margy

I have agreed to accept a different position with my company....as roving nurse practitioner in the central Florida region, filling in for NP's on vacation or out sick, or where extra help is needed, plus some PR work in the 50+ facilities in our region, and cross-training to some extent to help the director for this region with her administrative & training work.

As mentioned under "Michael", we've been part of a ballroom volunteer group putting on Christmas shows at nursing homes (2 this past weekend, and at least 2 more to go). Fun to wear the elegant, feathered and sequined gowns and pretend to be Ginger Rogers. The audiences are always SOOOO appreciative. It will be the first Christmas since I can remember that I won't be spending it with my dearest friend Judy, so feel at a loss for now.

Michael and I hope to get back to Guatemala in January...I'll be kinda scouting out retirement real estate options and work or volunteer opportunities. Maybe circuit rider via horseback to mountain villages????