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Family Newsletter - May 1999

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From: Jo

Dear family,

This last month has been one of great loss for our family with the death of Fran on April 16th. It has been very comforting to know that Fran had those who were closest to her with her when she died. Her memorial service was held in their home church near Highland Park, Illinois, on April 19th, and she was buried in Enid, Oklahoma, on April 21st.

I just talked with Paul and he told me that he had received word from Trinity Seminary that Fran would be receiving the Doctorate of Ministries in Missiology posthumously on May 8th. She had completed all the course work and part of her thesis. The Seminary Board reviewed these together with many of her other publications and concluded that the requirements of the doctoral degree had been met. Fran, congratulations; you worked hard for this.

When I was young I thought I'd live until I was 40 and then I wouldn't want to live anymore. Now that I'm well past 40, I realize how young Fran was at 64. With the arrival of our grandsons Gentry and John, I'm much more aware that she still needed time to be with her grandchildren. She will be greatly missed.

We will be putting together our memories of Fran in a special memorial web page sometime in the middle of May. If you have thoughts or pictures you want to share, please send them to me. Thanks.

From: Elmer

Centenary Celebrations of North American Mennonite Brethren Missions in India (1899-1999) will be observed at Jadcheral November 11-14 at Jadcherla, India. The Convenor, Rev. P. Menno Joel writes: "Therefore, on behalf of the M.B. Conference in India, the brotherhood at large and the Coordination committee of the Centary Celebration of the North American mission in India, it gives us pleasure to invite you for these celebrations. This invitation is for you and is open to all, especially for the former missionaries who served in India, their children and granchildren."

In view of the fact that Grandpa and Grandma N.N. Hiebert were the first North American MB missionaries to India (1899), might there be a contingent of "children, grandchildren [and great grand-children]" that could attend?

Pete with Jo's grandsons Gentry and John

P.S. - C'mon folks! Send in some new photos of the grandkids!

Otherwise you'll have to just accept lots of photos of Gentry and John, since Jo and I have easy access to them (not that THEIR grandmother would see anything WRONG with that!). - Steve

Family Reunion News

The YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch lists the following information regarding activities it has available there. Thought those of you with families would want to know about some of these. We'll also be working on some activities for our whole family to do together.

Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch offer a myriad of seasonal activities: Hiking, Volleyball, Museum, Wildlife Viewing, Snow Shoeing, Tennis, Ice Skating, Bible Studies, Fishing, Concerts, Golf (nearby), Mountain Biking, Basketball, Roller Skating, Miniature Golf, Softball, Crafts, Square Dancing, Worship Services, Canoeing*, Horseback Riding, Horseshoes, Swimming (indoors), Library, Sauna*, Cross-country Skiing, Hayrides, Whitewater Rafting, Climbing Wall*, Campfires, Alpine Skiing (nearby), Sleigh Rides*, Nautilus®/Weight Room**, Sledding and Tubing (nearby). -Some of these are obviously for wintertime!

From: Steve

Now that Spring is here, I thought some of you might enjoy seeing what it looked like here in Boulder last weekend (April 24).

Flatirons after Spring Snow