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Family Newsletter - March/April 2000

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From: Sandra and Chris

Sandra and Chris now have two little daughters! Madison Noelle was born on January 12, 2000 at 12:51 p.m. She weighed 9 pounds, 12 ounces and was 21 inches long. Watch out, Kailey, Noelle's going to catch up with you soon! Congratulations, Sandra and Chris. Kailey, have fun teaching your little sister all sorts of fun things. If you have any questions about being the older sibling, ask Gentry; he knows all about it by now.

Madison Noelle

From: Loey

Gary and I went on a wonderful two week Southwest trip as a 'retirement party'. As close as they are, we hadn't ever taken the time to go see the national parks like Arches, Grand Canyon etc. It was a nice way to distance ourselves from IBM and the 'old' career so that we are ready to start thinking about the new. Many of you got the pictures we sent from our new digital camera (my new toy - and it's a fun one!) but here are a few favorites.

Maricopa, Grand Canyon

Lake Powell

Kaibab Ranch, down in the canyon

Heading up Bright Angel

We made it!

When we got back Debbie and 5 of her kids (all except Nathan) came to visit for the weekend - we had a great time hiking, making fleece socks and hats, playing with Rio, and splashing in the hot tub. Here are a couple of pictures - unfortunately the ones of Debbie and Hannah got corrupted but the ones of the boys and the whole gang are here.

Debbie and Her Gang

Jason with Blake and Charlie


Now for sorting/selling/packing/storing and crying over the house - while studying and getting ready for a new life. But no regrets.

From: Betty

We had a great time in Disney world. Dan and Terri with Ellen and William; Cindy with Nicholas, and Carol and Harlan with Katie and Mary were there. I am in seventh heaven with my kids and grandkids. The weather was perfect over the whole time. It was about 70 degrees. We saw Margie and Michael and Brian and had a great time.

From: Pete

Gentry was talking the other day about watching "Furious George" on TV. We explained the difference between furious and curious and he thought it would be funny to see a picture of furious George. We emailed Chris and he drew a picture of Furious George.

Furious George - by Chris

Gentry says he thinks the reason George is furious is because the man in the yellow hat took him out of the jungle and he had to live in the city.

From: Gwen

I have some wonderful news! I tried jump roping with my grandchildren and was able (after a few tries - no, warmups) to do Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn around; Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Touch your shoe; Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, That will do. And ran outwith out falling down. What happened to that girl that used to jump rope at recess for 30 minutes at a stretch? We did try the two rope thing but my brain did not even recall how to run in. If you are laughing at this point, go and give it a try yourself. Ah, memories are so wonderful.

Oh, yes, another thing. A computer company in St. Louis, Atisma, is making a web based computer program based on my scheduling book! I am going to St. Louis later this month to consult. I am so excited! They treat me like I am a special person even.

I have been working hard on two books that I am co-editors on. One is gone to the reviewers and the other, a women's book, is due to the press on April 1 so I and my colleagues have been working straight through weekends, half the night, etc. Betty has a chapter in the book, which makes me proud. I have my very first two poems in it as well. You'll all get a copy for your next Christmas gift.

From: Phyl

A note about Elmer for the news letter. He is visiting prof at Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky for this semester--a huge seminary, 1500 students. He finds his students working at a high level, is challenged, works hard. He's also writing articles and preparing a presentation for CA in April. This is definitely his scholarly semester--the way he likes it!

I'm here for a week and so far we have visited an art museum with a collection from London featuring Rembrandt; seen "Die Fledermaus," opera by Strauss but in English, very funny; seen the new Mormon temple here built of white marble; seen "My Old Kentucky Home" of Stephen Foster's songs; and so on. They are letting me practice on a small pipe organ. I'm going home to my Indonesian student on Saturday, Elmer stays on till the end of May.

From: Paul

Paul spent some time in Thailand last month. He lectured at Payap University and at a missions conference there. The missionaries had come from all over Asia, including Mongolia and China. He also went to meetings near Bangkok, and says he "stayed in a beautiful hotel with a giant swiming pool with a large island in the middle for eating and resting, and four long legs around the island with bridges over the water. There was a smaller -- olympic size pool, and then the beach and South China Sea!!! Suffer suffer."

Oh, and he had the surgery on his knee. I imagine we'll hear soon that he's planning to take up marathon running.

Below is a copy of the Hiebert Coat of Arms that Paul gave me. If you want a copy of this, email Jo at fjsorens@maplecity.com. -Jo

Hiebert Coat of Arms

From: Jo

We lost Frank's Dad on February 19th. It was especially hard since he was our last parent, and seemed to be in relatively good health. We are comforted by the thought that Father died as he wanted to---in his own home, where he'd lived for 60 years. We'll really miss him.

There are several things to check in this month's update. You must take a look at the Photo-of-the-Month. This is a scanning of Betty's waterpainting of geese. She's been taking waterpainting classes and has some really beautiful pieces. I wish I could have scanned in more of them, but they're already framed. Bets, scan in any that you do in the future, okay?

Michael has a really good article about his diagnosis with Asperger's Syndrome. Gwen has another of her stories--The Black Umbrella--from our days traveling through Europe (how did Mom and Dad ever put up with us teenagers during that trip?). We added our Reedley days to our growing family history. Pete stopped in Reedley a few weeks ago when he was in California and got to see Immanuel High School.

Be sure to read the article by Helen Sawatzky. Marion wrote me that the Mt. Lake Observer was doing a special issue for the Year 2000, with articles by various local folks. Helen wrote about her early life with the Jungas family. Neat article!

That's it, except that it's about time to put in another picture of my favorite grandsons. Any of the rest of you want to have your grandkids in---just send me the pictures!

Steve and Gentry: Computer Experts

John Jacob and Grandma