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Family Newsletter - June 1999

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From: Margy & Michael

(These are excerpts from an email Margy sent.)

This is to reassure everyone that Michael and I actually made it to Casa Guatemala along the Rio Dulce in Guatemala. It is an absolutely gorgeous tropical site, though very hot and humid. We sweat all the time and either jump in the river or take showers to cool off. Ice water to drink is a luxury only to be had when we visit Fronteras (town across the lake via lancha/boat now and then). Already word is around that la enfermera (the nurse) has arrived. It has been about a month since the last doctor was here, so the business has accumulated. Have seen (in the first few days) eye infection, la grippe (cold/flu) in a passle of the children, 2 pregnant women, migraine, intestinal parasites, muscle strains, ear infections, and a young child who possibly has malaria (have to go by boat to another village where there is a lab for testing). Have plans to check all mouths to select who gets first priority to visit dental clinic in another town. Also have to de-parasitize ALL the children about once every 3 months--are due for this sometime this summer.....

.....Michael will also help read stories at night to the varones pequenas (small boys). He is in training as my clinic assistant, weighing in the children, taking temperatures, helping kids pick a toy for their bravery as clients, being the receptionist, keeping accounts for paying customers (local villagers, who pay nominal fee for medicines so that they will take medicine seriously and respect the clinic). There are about 80 children who live at the orphanage permanently, and another 70 or so who come in daily for the school portion.....

.....We are absolutely delighted to be here, and are having a grand adventure. The time will fly too fast. Love to everyone.

(From earlier message:) Here is some information about where we will be this summer, just in case...
Casa Guatemala (headquarters....we will be along Rio Dulce, small village)
1063 14 Calle, Zone 1
Guatemala City, Guatemala

011-502-232-5517 (G. City)
011-502-331-9408 (G. City)
011-502-208-1779 (Rio Dulce, where we will be)

e-mail in G. City: casaguatemal@guate.net

From: Steve

This past Saturday, Loey and Gary had a bunch of the Colorado family contingent over for a supper to celebrate Nikhil's upcoming Peace Corps stint in Nepal.

Here we are hanging out around Gary's new classic old truck.

From: Jo

I wrote some of Dad's brothers & sisters to see if there are any Hiebert family stories out floating around. We have a lot of Jungas ones, but not many about the Hieberts. Evidently there aren't many stories written up, but I did get some nice notes back from Waldo, Anna, Alma and Rosella. You can read these in the Stories & Such section under "Memories of Hiebert Family Life." If you have any more Hiebert stories, please send them to me. Thanks.

I also received a narrative from Uncle John Jungas about the time a guy tried to cheat them at the Jungas Hardware. He had told the story to Betty and me when we were there, and we thought you'd enjoy reading it.

Finally, there is a new book out with neat pictures of Kodai. It's by Volker Winkler, who went to Kodai for a year with his family and worked at Van Allen Hospital (where John says he was born!). His wife Tina had attended Kodai when she was young and wanted their six children to have that experience. The book has a lot of pictures of places where we used to roam, inclusing the Budge, Dolphin's Nose, Mt. Perumal and Coaker's Walk. I wish Volker's original colors had come through in his book; you can tell from the jacket that he had some great pictures but the book's colors aren't quite as good. It's still a great collection of pictures and memories. It's amazing how much Winkler accomplished in only one year at Kodai! If you want to get one, you can order directly from: V. Winkler, 201 Hospital Drive, McKenzie, TN 38201. The name of the book is Kodaikanal, Land of the Clouds, and the cost is $32.95 plus $2.00 for shipping. He notes on his card that all direct order profits are donated to KIS Alumni.

Picture of Kodai
by Volker Winkler

Reunion News: August 5-8

From: Loey

We will be providing staples in each cabin. Maybe those of us staying in cabins can invite the folks who are camping to have breakfast inside, if they'd like to use a stove/dishes/etc.---especially if it's cold or rainy. (I remember how COLD it was when we had our last reunion. Brrrrr! - Jo)

From: Betty

List of things needed in cabins:
-paper plates, bowls, glasses and cups
-bottled water
-paper towels
-toilet paper
-salt and pepper
-peanut butter, butter, jelly
-2 loaves of bread (1 white for kids)
-soap for dishes

Families responsible for:
-kids' special fare
-drinks other than evenings
-specialty diet foods
-beer or wine

From: Jo

Kristin had a great idea: folks that want to have a Hiebert Reunion T-shirt could bring a shirt to decorate. We'll bring fabric paints and everyone can help design their own or we could get together on a design. This would be a great project for the kids. What do you think?

I'm helping with setting up recreation, and while talking with Paul we were remembering all the board games we used to play. We think it would be great to have a variety of games available at the reunion so that all ages of us could enjoy them. SO.....could each of you families bring ONE board game with you to the reunion? If you don't have room in your luggage, just carry it on the plane/in the car and enjoy a game enroute to Colorado. Also, could you let me know which one you plan to bring so I can see that we don't all bring Monopoly? With that game, Paul tries to talk everyone else into taking all the MONEY while he just gets by with all the LAND. Thanks for your help on this..

Also, Steve told us that there is the Georgetown Loop Train that is not too far from Snow Mt. Ranch (a little over an hour, right, Steve?). We went on it years ago and our kids loved it. If you want more information, just email Steve or me.

We'll let you know more about the hiking trails/rafting/hot springs/volleyball games in our next issue. Have to get packing for Denmark---Frank and I are going to go search out his roots during June!