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Family Newsletter - Jun/Jul/Aug 2003

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From: Jo

I'm beginning to think life will never slow down again! I thought once I retired I'd have all sorts of time to work on our family web page, but it's been busier than ever these last two years. Maybe soon.....

All of us siblings were able to get together at Betty & Carl's place in June, which is remarkable considering so many leave the country throughout the year. We had such a good time. Margy has been giving each of us red hats as we get slightly older and Loey got hers early, and we found some gorgeous purple shirts at the Goodwill store. (For you younger folks, this is all about being a part of the Red Hat Society.) Here are some shots from our new Red Hat chapter.

Hiebert Red Hat Society charter members

Paul looked stunning in his Red Hat

One evening some of us entertained the others with our wonderful rendition of "I Ain't Got the Money for the Mortgage on the Cow." Madi, Henry and Blake were excellent in their roles of Lukie, the Sheriff, and Ebenezer. We also performed as much of "Shooshdee-Feedley-Feedley" as we could remember, with Phyllis performing as the Mother. If you want a copy of this sophisticated musical, you will find it under "Stories and Such."

We also talked and ate and talked and ate and talked..... I realized again how absolutely lucky I am to be in this family and how much I love my siblings.

Talking and eating

Madi had just finished a neat project for a summer class she was taking in interior design. She's a natural at this.

Madi's interior design project

From: Phyl

Phyl sent in this information about a really neat event. Wow, Paul. We sisters evidently did a fantastic job raising you right. For evidence of how distinguished a brother we have, see picture of Paul in Red Hat above.

in honor of Dr. Paul G. Hiebert

June 21-22, 2004 Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, in Deerfield, Illinois will host a consultation on missiology under the theme "Doing Theology in a Globalizing World".

This consultation is being held to honor our very special friend and colleague, Dr. Paul G. Hiebert, whose ministry has touched so many lives and who has had such an impact upon evangelical missiology in the past several decades. It is our hope that the sessions will be not only a worthy tribute to Paul and his substantial contributions to missiology, but also that they will build upon Paul's contributions by carrying the discussions forward as we reflect upon missiology in the twenty-first century.

We heartily invite all friends, former students and colleagues of Dr. Hiebert as well as all other interested persons to mark these dates on their calendars in anticipation of joining us for this significant event next year. These dates immediately follow the 2004 ASM conference in the Chicago area so as to reduce travel expenses for those also attending that event.

You will be receiving further detailed information regarding registration, speakers, accommodations, and costs as they become available. Please also pass this information on to others, who you know that might have an interest in attending this consultation. Initial inquiries may be sent to Dr. Craig Ott, cott@tiu.edu.

From: Harlan

Carl, Carol, and Mary went to Paris, France, for 10 days in early June. They had a great time. Here are some pictures of their time there.

Carl, Carol and Mary in France

My father celebrated his 76th birthday in June and quite a bit of his family (including us) went to L.A. for a few days to help him celebrate.

Mary went to camp for 5 weeks. She had 2 weeks of "traditional" camp, and then 3 weeks of math camp at Stanford. Katie had a week of soccer camp and then in late August she spent a week at a sleep-away camp.

From: Karen and Rick

Rick, Karen, Grace and Toby moved to Fresno this summer, so Phyl and Elmer get to have even MORE fun with grandkids! Rick will be working as the Ministry Quest program director through the MB Seminary (see press release in Apr/May issue). Enjoy your new home, Karen and Rick.

From: Barb

Here are some pictures of Bria getting ready for the junior prom. One more year and she is out of high school! She is planning to go to college at Eastern University, where Eloise teaches.

Bria getting ready for her junior prom

From: Gwen

BIG news from Texas. I have purchased a large sprayer to pull behind my tractor mower and now can kill the grasshoppers dead in a few swings around the yard. The new product, Dimlin, stops the babies from forming wings and so they DIE. I have so much time on my hands now that I don't have to walk around twice a day protecting my property from those pests! Modern science is wonderful. Now we need a cure for the heat, which is around 110 some days.

Other news: Debbie's ballet dancer, Jerod, is going to be at the New York Joffrey Ballet on a scholarship next year and will be living in New York. (That's fantastic, Jerod. Be sure to send some pictures. - Jo)

From: Pete

Pete and Kristin opened their second Subway in late July. This one is located in Farmington, a town about an hour away from Monmouth. Life continues to be hectic for the five of them, but going well.

Subway #2

From: Betty

Dan is now Director of Education at the University of Alabama Medical School in Birmingham. It was a nice promotion. He was named outstanding teacher last year. He enjoys teaching. Guess he fits right into the Hiebert tradition.

Dave and Susan are busy adding on to their house - an enclosed sun room. Mike and Cindy and the boys are fine. Mike just got back from a week in Japan to meet withi young leadlers there. It is an attempt to get leaders to know each other. on a more personal level. Mike is director of finances at PEW Foundation, 2nd largest in the world. He has the job of giving away grants and he feels they do a good job. Carol continues to get rewarded for her leadership role at Oracle. Seven of eight of our grandchildren are off to school within two weeks.

I hang in despite considerable pain. I got a wonderful powered chair, though; this one turns on a dime and can get through doors. It hooks up for recharging after about 70 hours of use. Carl went with Carol and Mary to France and thoroughly enjoyed it. He plans another trip for cooking lessons. He is a good chef already and spoils me.

From: Loey

These are some pictures from New Zealand where Gary, Kirby, his girlfriend Susan, and I had a great 2 weeks. One is of us camping right on the beach on the south island where we also went whale watching. The second is of the geese is on the north island on a lake which had hot water running into it creating steam, and the third is of a maori carving. (Loey, your geese picture is gorgeous; you should make a copy and frame it. Of course, you're gorgeous too, Gary!)

(Excerpts from her email letter while she was in Kuala Lumpur with Nikhil and Priya)

Well I made it to Kuala Lumpur just fine. I left a bit early because our truck broke down in Lake Tahoe (right after we made it through the long utah/nevada desert!) and we had to get a rental car for the last 150 miles. It was hard to leave Gary but we still both felt it was the best for only one person to hunt down jobs at a time.

Niks got a great deal at one of the top hotels in KL as a state dept employee....so here I am being pampered and cossetted at the Mandarin Oriental...the hotel is amazing - it's just next to the Twin Towers so you can walk out and into that huge shopping center right across the street. It's Asia at its best in terms of decor and service. For example,
- the pool is situated on the third floor at the edge of the building; the water is so full that it gives the allusion that it runs right off the edge and you could just swim over a waterfall. cool.
- the pool man brings glasses of ice water every 15 minutes (it's required in this humid heat) and ice cold washcloths plus a spray bottle of some cooling liquid for your face....and generally fusses about to make you comfortable.
- there is the usual tea service and fruit etc but very nicely done; the breakfast which is included is better than I've ever seen - great fruit, western stuff, malaysian stuff, and more...wow.

Guess I'll survive a week of this - particularly since it will be with Niks and Priya whom I haven't seen in a year. Priya comes tomorrow but I had dinner with Niks and he is quite the preppy guy now. He's been informed that to work in the embassy he has to dress several notches above his usual shorts and dirty t-shirt. Quite a change. He's enjoying it though and getting to see some of the country on the weekends. He has inherited the Hiebert wandering genes and plans to find a job somewhere in Asia. He's applied for a grant to utilize rice growing techniques in Nepal -- ???

From Paul:

(Excerpts from two letters)

Ahhhhhhh.......the life of grandparenting! I just got back from a ten-day trip with John and Jane and two grand-kids, Mary and Nicholas, through Bad Lands, Black Hills, Yellowstone, Tetons and back to Baltimore. They picked me up in Chicago; they made 5,200 miles, I was on 4,400 of them. Five in a tightly packed Volvo with camping geer, auto video to help make the trip possible, and a thousand other little items absolutely needed for the trip--including a host of toys, books, tapes, and other life-essential things. Camped some nights and stayed in motels on others so that we wouldn't smell so bad that we could not get into the same car. Saw birds, moose, deer, bison, and birds of a thousand types--Mary is into bird watching so we stopped often when someone claimed to have seen a yet unseen species. It was a great time with the kids and grand-kids.

Now I am at Barb's place helping take out an old brick walk in her back yard and putting in a new one. So Saturday and yesterday afternoon we were down on the ground--Saturday in the mud because of rain--and laid out a nice new path through the yard. Barb's changing it into a garden, and it's beginning to look really nice. Today Eloise and her family are coming and we'll go down town Washington to spend three days of sight-seeing.

Then home to Chicago and off for a week in Singapore...Maui and Canada in fall. I am trying unsuccessfully to 'unretire' but can't find out how to do it. Must slow down somehow. Retirement, as you know, isn't the answer. (WHAT retirement, Paul???)

From: Steve

Steve participated in the Boulder Mall Art Show in July. Frank and Jo went to help him set up and give him 3-minute breaks from time to time.

Boulder Art Show

After almost 12 years of working hard to overcome the effects of CFIDS, Steve's back to the activity he loves best....climbing mountains.

In the Rocky Mountains