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Family Newsletter - June/July 2005

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From: Frank and Jo

Here's a quick summer update of what's going on in our Hiebert family. Here in Monmouth we are having a drought, which is so foreign to us. We usually have bumper crops, the grass stays green until August, and we don't worry about whether our wells will run dry. Not that way this year. I think the skies have forgotten how to rain.

Our whole family is heading to Nova Scotia in August. When our three were young, Frank taught in Halifax two summers and we've always wanted to go back. It'll be fun to have the three little guys along. I plan to talk them into long hours of looking for agate and amethyst on the beaches.

John (6), Noah (3), Gentry (9)

This month's new stories are about life in Kodai and are really interesting. Phyl sent in Radishes, a story about a child going into Kodai boarding school; Gwen wrote The Power of Bubble Gum, which tells about our social learning in Kodai, and Hermann Tauscher (a Kodai classmate of mine) tells about a hike he took and about his feelings at the end of a night camping. We siblings wrote about how we felt having to get up and perform for audiences (look for this at the bottom of Family Memories section), and Michael wrote two very interesting poems. Take some time to read them, and then sit down and write some to share with the rest of us. Okay?

From: Sandra

Good Friends: Madison and Kailey

From: Loey

I know everyone believes that Gary and I are hunkered down in Colorado since we've spent the last year and a half rebuilding and adding to an old Bungalow and it is now finally a nice, welcoming space....

Our home in Longmont

...but NO--we are off to our next adventure which happens to be Missoula, Montana. I start work at the university there August 1 and Gary will finish the house, sell it and then come up when he can. Nikhil and Priya will drive up with us for a tour of Flathead Lake and Glacier to start the adventure off right.

The home near Missoula where we'll be living for awhile

Since this is truly one of the most beautiful spots in the US I will expect many visitors - I can arrange cabins or B&Bs in the mountains or on the lakes or rivers (complete with Grizzly watching or Elk hunting etc). So, please come and go hiking, camping, fishing, canoeing, rafting, skiing or sunset watching with us.

Nikhil and Priya are also having interesting adventures. Niks leaves for Abuja, Nigeria with USAID in August - he is now engaged to Jennifer who is also posted to Nigeria with the same agency. She is in charge of health programs and he is in charge of education programs. Priya is still with the Gates Foundation and is traveling to various parts of the world to help set up programs. Since she represents Mr. Gates and, more importantly, his money she has to travel with a multitude of body guards......so I'm sure her visits to the rural areas of Nicaragua will be inconspicuous!

We'd love to share our new lifestyle so please take our invitation seriously.

The whole gang at Longmont before heading their various ways

From: Barbara

It has been a busy spring at the Rowe family home. We spent a good number of hours filling our garden with annuals and perenials, and even have a small herb and vegetable garden growing in pots on the deck. We harvested and enjoyed our first tomato while Dad (Paul) Hiebert was visiting.

Bryan's benefit concert for Cystic Fybrosis went very well, raising over $25,000 for that foundation. He also completed his Doctorate in Sacred Music, so now we call him Doctor Rowe. Very exciting!

Bria completed her first year at Eastern University and is home for the summer, working as a cashier at the hospital. She loves to design her own skirts and is considering selling them on the internet. She even has her own label, "Dissonance Designs." As if this were not enough, she squeezes in time to see her sweetheart, Dan, whom she met at college.

(Bria recently had her beautiful long red hair cut short and donated her locks to be used by someone who needed a wig but couldn't afford to buy one. Here is a Before & After picture of her. Bria, how kind of you to do this.)

I am now the Program Director for the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center, so I am keeping busy with my career. When I'm not at work I still love to make quilts, write poetry, and spend time with family and friends.

From: Harlan

Mary recently graduated from the Bowman International School, and is now at an EPGY summer camp at Stanford, studying non-Euclidean geometry for 3 weeks.

Mary giving her graduation speech at Bowman International School, Palo Alto, on June 17th

Katie is having a more relaxed summer, going to soccer and theater camps, and going to school the rest of the time.

I'm still loving my (not so new, anymore) job at Stanford, and Carol recently got out a big Oracle release only 3 days past the original deadline, which is a new record. And she's playing in 3 soccer leagues this summer, so she's very fit.

Finally, we're all going back to Omaha in early August, and then it's possible that Carol and the girls will go with Carl to NYC for a couple of days.

From: Gwen

These are some pictures Gwen sent from her daily walk out by their D & G Ranch (at least I imagine that would be its name...).

From: Phyl

The news from Fresno is HOT--105 yesterday, more of the same coming up. At least the humidity is low or we'd all have to spend the week standing in the river. Karen and family are heading for the mountains today to try out their new fold-up tent trailer. Fran is getting ready for a group of Japanese students next week including a leader who demands special attention (I'm to drive her here and there!). Elmer is writing articles and preaching 4 Sundays--no pastor yet. I'm picking up Uncle Waldo for church Sunday, wheelchair and all, as Aunt Rachel is going away for a couple days. Also I'm tidying house & yard before leaving on a month's travel--Audrey and her mom are arriving from Indonesia before we get back and her mom is a clean-nik. We are heading by car for Texas; Denver; Saskatchewan; B.C. to visit 98-yr-old aunt. So--talk to you later when we're home again and it's cool!

From: Karen

Here are some pictures of Karen, Grace, Toby and Phyl in Yosemite. Thanks, Karen!