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Family Newsletter - July 1999

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From: Rick and Karen

"Oh yes, you shaped me first inside then out; you formed me in my mother's womb. I thank you High God- you're breathtaking! Body and soul, I am marvelously made!" (Psalm 139- The Message)

Karen, Grace and I are excited to welcome our son and baby brother- Toby Nicholas Bartlett. Born 2 July 1999 at 9:50am. He was 50cm long and weighed 7lb 15 oz. He has a full head of dark hair and both he and his mother are doing fine.

Not to be outdone by his sister, Toby already has his own web page: (http://www.melt.co.uk/toby/). We'll have photo's up really soon. (Some are already there; below is one of Toby with his big sister Grace.)

Also, don't forget to change your address book for us to: Rick.Karen.Bartlett@bigfoot.com

From: Margy (Margy and Michael were in Guatemala when the earthquake hit. According to a newswire report that Brian sent out, "at least one person was killed and 40 injured by a powerful earthquake that rocked the Caribbean coast of Central America on Sunday, destroying homes and forcing a Guatemalan province to declare a 72-hour civil emergency. The quake, measuring up to 6.6 on the Richter scale, sent shockwaves from El Salvador to the Gulf Coast of Mexico and was felt in five countries, scientists and witnesses said.")

Last message before we end our big adventure. Thanks to those of you who wrote to us; it sure meant a lot. This past week has placed an enormous strain on everyone here. It turns out that 90% of the structures at the orphanage have been damaged beyond repair and are already being torn down. We have relocated dormitories in parts of the schoolhouse, also the kitchen and dining room. Big boys are sleeping in army tents on the soccer field, and school will start up again on Monday in the kindergarten house. Some classes are meeting outdoors at makeshift tables and desks. Life sure does go on! All the kids work like crazy, carrying lumber and cement blocks, beds, mattresses, food stuffs.

The new baby was finally born! I got the message too late to help, since I was in Puerto Barrios helping a lady get to emergency care, but a local midwife guy helped out. All went normally. I arrived about 30 minutes after the birth, did the newborn and new mama assessment, helped reclamp cord, clean things up, etc. Beautiful baby girl!

From: Loey Nikhil is now settled in Nepal - he is directly south of Mount Everest but on the serai in the town of Dharan. He lives with a host family who have 2 young children - one of whom likes Niks but shows it by hitting him with random objects and, per the last report, biting him where it hurts. He has daal and rice twice a day but isn't complaining so it must be OK. We were worried about whether he would take baths since its hard to get water sometimes so we sent along a solar shower. Niks has reassured us that he is taking a bath daily - in his underwear in the main public square where the water pump is located. It sounds like he is making friends and slowly learning Nepali so I'm not too worried about him. Letters can be sent to:

Nikhil Jaisinghani N/189 c/o American Peace Corps G.P.O. Box 613 Kathmandu, Nepal

From: Jo We're back from Denmark. It was great! We were able to find the birthplaces of Frank's paternal grandparents and also the kirkes where they were baptized. Frank had found two booklets with his grandparents' names on them among Uncle Bernie's things, so we took them along to Denmark. We found out from a librarian in Koge that these were Danish "Servant Conduct Books." These booklets gave dates/places of birth and baptism, and were used by employers to permanently record how a person did on the job. (Glad I don't have to have one like that following me everywhere!) It felt strange to find Grandpa & Grandma's small home villages and see how little the homes had changed since they'd grown up there in the late 1800's. Now we need to find out where my grandparents lived as kids. Anyone know that information?

Frank in Denmark, looking for his roots

Jo in Denmark, waiting for Frank to find his roots