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Family Newsletter - Jan/Feb 2002

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From: Pete and Kristin

NOAH DAVID SORENSEN (alias Noah Boah Zamboni David Sorensen) was born to Pete and Kristin on January 11, 2002. He weighed 6 lbs and was 19 inches long, which is amazing as he came almost a month early. Gentry (5) and John (3) are happy to have this little brother...so far!

Noah and his Mom

Gentry & John seeing their little brother

Big brothers opening gifts from Noah: Gentry - a Rock Book, John - a Zamboni

From: Bets

Bets has worked on a web page for folks with Parkinson's, entitled "Practical Solutions to Problems Associated with Parkinson's Disease. You can check this out at:


From: Phyl

(Earlier note:)
As for news, we are booked to leave for India February 2. Elmer will teach at the seminary in Bangalore for 3 weeks, then at Shamshabad 3 weeks; then a quick trip to Kodai to see Loey and Gary. What will I do? I don't know--maybe write Grandma Jungas stories and go shopping. Have a joyous Christmas, all of you!

(Latest note:)
We had a fine visit with Karen and Rick, Grace and Toby, first at our house over the holidays, then in Tacoma for a few days. Elmer had a speaking assignment--I babysat for two days while he, Rick & Karen went to this YFC conference. Good reports on Elmer's input. It rained most of the time, but the kids and I went for walks anyway to find elephants. To capture them, you tickle their feet with a pine branch, and they laugh so hard it's no problem to lead them home. (We need a picture of the elephants, Phyl.)

From: Harlan

These are pictures Harlan sent from their Christmas. Next time we need one of you too, Harlan!

Mary, Katie and Carol

Katie ready to take pictures



From: Nikhil

Nikhil sent a note that he has put some of his latest pictures on a web site. You can access these by going to: www.geocities.com/packermacker/pictures.html

Here are a few of these pictures.

This is me on a ridge in the northern part of the Bhojpur district. Brett and I went trekking up to Temke and then north towards the himals and woke up early to see sunrise on the eastern range. Behind me are (left to right) Sagarmatha and Lotse (up and left of my head), Chamlang, and Makalu.

Long boats are the primary way of travelling up and down rivers in Laos (and along the coast in Thailand). These are longboats on the Mekong River in northern Laos.

Kids in Laos were usually scared out of their minds whenever I walked into their village. In groups Lao kids were much more social and playful creatures and would even stand within 10 feet of me to watch how I walked and see me make my little black box make flashes of light.

From: Michael

Santa Michael with the kids in Guatemala

From: Sandra

Here is Sandra's latest picture of her family. Sandra, your girls are growing up too fast! Are they as lively as you were at that age?

Chris and Sandra with Madison and Kailey

From: Paul

Paul is in Copenhagen, Denmark, for two weeks, teaching a class on mission anthropology at the University of Denmark. He took a trip to the island of Bohnhome, far East of the main Danish peninusla and islands. He wrote: "I took a giant catamaran ferry of about an hour's trip, going about 50 miles an hour--yes, I mean fifty miles an hour--on the water. It is a huge ship and carries about 2,000 people plus cars and trucks on the lower decks. I couldn't believe it. Then Sunday I went to the North coast of this island and had a great time at a small fishing/artist village. Took the train back last night and taught class all morning and afternoon today. "

From: Margy

Margy--doing the Tango?

From: Gwen

We just got back from a week's cruise of the Caribbean. We are now truly among the old, as far as I could tell, because we are now also fat and hanging onto railings when we walk up and down stairs. We just waddled from meal to meal. It was a wonderful trip - warm and sunny. I must go back to work to earn enough money to do this again as soon as possible.

I will retire June lst and am making big plans for so many projects that I probably won't live long enough to do them all. I have the next church quilt cut out and the ladies will begin sewing it at the end of January. One 89 year-old didn't want to go to the hospital a few weeks ago because she might miss the quilting! The women were so pleased with the one we made last year. It was beautiful and brought in over $1,000 in the raffle. (Hey, what happened to that quilt? I thought Betty or I would win it, right, Bets?)

Dick is getting ready to start our garden soon. We have about 50 trees to cut down at the pond. Our chocolate lab puppy is growing. The cats number three now but two - The Barn Cats - don't come out of the barn but just hang around, waiting to be fed. They are getting fat and soon will be The Fat Barn Cats.

From: Loey

We had a great time at the Andamans; Kirby came and we ended up on probably one of the finest beaches in Asia, which is saying a lot---big stretches of white sand and 200 ft. trees which form part of the original Indo-Malaysian rain forest. Real jungle with millions of little things that bite and bite and bite ......

Pictures from the Andamans. The #7 beach on Havelock Island is advertised as the best beach in Asia, and that from what I've seen I would agree.

Asia's Finest Beach

Jungle Cottage

Priya enjoying her well-earned vacation

Kirby & Gary having quality father/son time

These are from the Rajasthan part of the trip.

Gary, Priya and Loey in hotel dining room

Bridegroom going to get his bride

Block-printed bedspreads; bought 15 of these!
( Gwen, this picture is especially for you.)

Musician at Udaipur palace courtyard

From: Jo

This last year has been a hard one in so many ways. I reread the predictions we had made a year ago (see "Predictions" on our main page) and none of us had any idea at that time how much our lives would be changed this year. In our family we came up with a prayer that asked for: Hope for tomorrow, Strength for the day.

We in the Sorensen family are delighted to start out this new year of 2002 with the birth of Noah David, who is absolutely adorable. We hope this next year will be a good one for you and your family.