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Family Newsletter - Fall, 2006

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From: Frank and Jo

We've had a busy summer: went to see Betty and Carl, stayed with Paul through his surgery and one of his early chemos, took our grandson Gentry to the YMCA of the Rockies in celebration of his turning a two-digit number (10's a great age for traveling!), and went camping with John and Noah.

In September we took the Amtrak to Montana to see Loey & Gary and explore Lewis & Clark territory. Glad we're retired!

Don't forget: I'm still looking for family pictures for our Family Photo Album. I only have a few so far but hope to get this in the next update.

From: Phyl and Elmer

50th Wedding Anniversary:

The first event was three days at Pismo Beach with all our family--19 of us--in a large rented house on the beach. Wave-jumping, hiking along the coastal cliffs (with grandkids scrambling right at the edge!), puppet play "The Princess and the Witch," memorizing of Psalm 121 our wedding text, and lots of food. The upstairs sun room was wall-to-wall sleeping bags for the 9 grandkids.

The second event was an Aug 6 Sunday evening celebration with 170 invited guests, buffet, and short program which didn't stay short because some speeches got over-long. Heller played her viola while people arrived, the kids put on a skit written and directed by Abby (12), they also recited Psalm 121 complete with enthusiastic hand motions. Sally did table decorations to which we added objects from abroad eg. elephant, Indian dolls. It was a lively evening and people seemed to enjoy it. Aunt Alma, 94, was the only person present who had been at our Mt. Lake wedding. Uncle Waldo and Aunt Rachel were there. Afterwards during cleanup our kids suddenly urged us to get going, put pies in our hands to carry out to the car....which was not where Elmer had parked it, and was (again) up on blocks--the very same trick pulled at our wedding!! Lauren and Ken planned this one. Also writing on the windows with black marker--Lauren offered to clean it off "for a dollah."

The third event was our weekend away Aug 24 (wedding date) - 27, to a B & B in Napa, CA, a gift basically from Elmer's brothers. We've sent you-all photos: a place built in 1982 in the style of the country manors in Shakespeare's time, red carpets, massive dark furniture, 9 bedrooms, formal dining room, etc. A lovely place owned by the son of a friend of ours. He bumped up our modest reservation to the top-rated Lady Margaret room, complete with jacuzzi bathtub and crystal glasses. Napa is in wine country.

Next day we drove along the narrow valley roads, passed on winery after the other all with tasting rooms (not our style), saw a collection of modern art, visited Heller's (Lauren's wife) mother in Santa Clara, and tent-camped for two nights. Saw local production of Bye Bye Birdie. In San Jose for church Sunday, lunch with Eldred and Evelyn Kunkel (he is our cousin), and drove home.

So it's been fifty years. I still don't believe it.

A gift from our children for our 50th anniversary. Nine grandchildren have their hand imprints on the bowl: 4 on the inside and 5 on the outside. At the bottom is part of our wedding text, Ps. 121, having to do with "hand": "The Lord is your shade at your right hand." We thought you might appreciate the creative idea.

Re: Priya

(Notice from the Seattle Times): New hires are flocking to the Gates Foundation, including, from left: Elizabeth Wong, senior program officer for Special Initiatives; Lawrence Yanovitch, senior program officer for Financial Services for the Poor; Teresa Peters, senior program officer for Global Libraries; Amolo Ng'weno, senior program officer for Financial Services for the Poor; Sylvia Mathews, president of the Global Development Program; Roy Steiner, senior program officer for Agricultural Development; Bakari Bakari, director of operations for Global Development Program; Priya Jaisinghani, program officer for Financial Services for the Poor.

You're doing really well, Priya. Your missionary grandparents would be proud of the way you're helping the poor find a way to help themselves.

From: Harlan

We are getting busy. Katie and I had a relaxed summer, but Carol has been working even harder than usual, and Mary spent the summer at Ross Mathematics Program at Ohio State (which they insist on calling The Ohio State University for some reason) doing number theory for many hours each day, 7 days a week for eight weeks. However, that is about to change even for Katie and me. I have 4 workshops in September and nearly October (three math ones at MSRI in Berkeley, and an 8 day workshop on genetics at Stanford), next week Carol starts coaching Katie's AYSO soccer team as well as playing in 2 adult leagues, Katie begins middle school (and soccer), and Mary starts her home study program (with AP Physics and Economics, an advanced undergraduate level math course, a writing project, and soccer). We had discussed going to Santa Barbara for a couple of days later in September, but I doubt we'll make it. But it looks like fun.

From: Steve Steve just received a high rating for his entry in the 37th World Haiku Contest held in September, 2006. Here is his entry. (Haiga = haiku with photo.)

To see other haigas in the contest go to: http://www.worldhaiku.net/haiga_contest/37th/haiga37.htm

From: Gwen and Dick

Gwen's 70th birthday party was held at her daughter, Jean, and family's house on Saturday, September 30. Joanne came from Illinois, Gwen and Dick's son, Ian, flew up from Florida, friends traveled from Houston and south Texas, and local friends drove over to Paris (Texas) for this momentous event. Swimming, a catered dinner, games, and lots of fun and discussion left us all with plenty to remember. Yet, Gwen is still too young to be 70! As Judith Viorst says,

Instead of "old," let us consider "older," Or maybe "oldish, Or something, anything, That isn't always dressed In sensible shoes and fading underwear.

Besides which, Seventy isn't old. Ninety is old. And though eighty is probably old, we needn't decide that until we get there.

In the meantime let us consider drinking wine, making love, laughing hard, caring hard, and learning a new trick or two as part of our job description at seventy.

Dick has been busy adding to his railroad model display in their Hobby House. His theme is old-time lumber mills. Here are a few photos Ian took of his work.

*Newsflash, Oct. 20th: It rained for two days and one night here in Celeste, Texas! Do not send lumber for an ark yet; lakes are still only ankle deep.

From: Loey

This has been an eventful couple of months for Gary and me. Gary had only been in Montana 3 months when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and two weeks later I was in the hospital for surgery....not the best welcome to our new home. But things are going well on that front - I have a holistic approach to the disease which includes herbs, nutrition, acupuncture and chemo. It's wonderful to have a large family that is loving and supportive during something like this - I've had more long conversations with friends and family than I have in a long time. Thanks everyone for the flowers, presents, calls, and loving thoughts.

For the women in the family - it might be useful to know that my oncologist feels that the best preventative for breast cancer is tumeric/cumin (same plant). Studies have shown that breast cancer rates in India are far lower and its been pinpointed to the cumin plant which exhibits many of the same properties as our western chemo drugs. SO ... his advice is 2 capsules of 'curcumin' per day for women at risk. It's cheap and available at all whole food stores.

We are busy working on a fairly extensive remodel...which is finally underway. Gary's new and much larger woodshop is nearly finished - in time for him to start building clocks for two shows in February. The house has a long way to go but we are excited about the 'vision' of what it can be.

And at the same time our fruit trees (apples, pears and plums) ripened and we have fruit enough for a small army. We now have lots of canned applesauce, jelly, and frozen apple slices for pie. We've carted many bags off to work, neighbors and friends and still have alot left for the neighboring cows and horses. A friend says that will come pick up some more for their goats this weekend. Lots of work but very yummy.

Jo and Frank were here for several days to help out - it was lots of fun to take them around and show off our old-fashioned pioneer spirit state. Jo helped my team work on our 'beaded lady in motion' scarecrow for the big scarecrow contest.

From: Nikhil

These are photos Nikhil sent from his trip to Niger. Note the rounded huts--and of course the cute kids.

From: Michael

Michael has a contest going on and several family members are already participating. If you'd like to be involved, be sure to contact him. His email address is: RomePoe@aol.com

From: Betty

Here is a photo of Betty with Loey and Paul when they visited her. Neat siblings.

Re: Paul Wiebe

Paul Wiebe was just named by Kodai as recipient of the second Margaret Baker Eddy Award. He well deserves this honor for all the time and care he and Donna Beth gave to Kodai. Paul and DB live in Coralville, Iowa. In case you want to contact them, their address is:

1012 16th Ave.
Coralville, IA 52241-1316
email: wiebepd@hotmail.com

From: Gary

The first annual Stevensville Scarecrow Festival was a huge success. Lots of very creative scarecrows and lots of community participation.

Loey's team's scarecrow came in second place (the first place scarecrow was the local library's entry which won due to a sympathy vote -- their scarecrow was abducted the night before the voting and the library is hurting for funds . . . .)