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Noah Sorensen Makes Something Grand

by Noah Sorensen and his Grandma

The Super Duper Cake

Noah and his Grandma made this Super Duper Cake. They took turns choosing anything they wanted from the shelves and drawers in the kitchen, mixed the now-grayish-greenish slimy goop, poured it into a cake pan (by now it smelled TERRIBLE) and baked it until it was not sloppy anymore. They put it outdoors to cool since even the fans & open doors couldn't keep the smell down; no deer or other hungry animals came to eat it while it was cooling. When it was cool, they brought it inside and tried to share it with others. No one wanted a piece, including Noah & Grandma.

Be sure to try making your own Super Duper Cake. The ingredients are very flexible---just depends on what you find in your kitchen.


Bake for 30 minutes at 350'. Put outside to cool so you don't stink up the whole house.

When cool, pour chocolate sauce over cake.

Do not eat.