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The Mystery of the Missing Movie-Star
Part 2

by Madison Dahl

Chapter 2

It was an hour later and I had found some interesting clues. I had called up my dad and asked him to run a search on Needa Straightjacket. He said she had recently tried to stalk Ima Prettyone, so Ima was forced to file a restraining order. My dad said she really didn't understand why though. I was gathering all my stuff when I heard someone walking down the hall. The movie theater was closed by now so I figured it was a janitor or Mr. Coldcash. I turned around. A figure all in black was standing in the doorway, blocking the only exit out of the staff room.

"Hello, Vera. It is way past your bedtime. Say night night." The last thing I remembered was the mysterious figure put a cloth over my mouth.


I groaned. Wait, where was I? Slowly I opened my eyes. I was in a very dark room. It smelled strongly of ammonia and bleach. I guessed I was in a storage closet. My hands and feet were bound and I was gagged. It was then I heard someone walking down the hall again. "Vera? Are you down here?"

I banged and clanked against the wall. Mr. Coldcash opened the door. "Oh my gosh! Vera, what happened?" he exclaimed. "Wait, I'll untie and un-gag you."

"Thank you! Someone knocked me out and put me in here!"

Vera, I think you should go immediately home!"

"Okay. I don't know what would have happened if you wouldn't have shown up."

"Let's not think about that. Good evening."

"Good night." I grabbed my keys and raced home.


DING DONG. I was at Seif Earth's house the next morning. Most people would have dropped the case after a scare like last night, but it only made me more determined to crack this case. DING DONG. I rang the doorbell again. I thought to myself that he wasn't home. I looked over my shoulder and I didn't see anybody near by. I tried the door. It was surprisingly open. I went in. I figured I had a limited amount of time to search the place, so I set to work. After fifteen minutes, I had found eleven cans of Ima's hair spray and the keys to the Costa Fortune Theater. I took the evidence I had found and left.

Now I had only one suspect to check out. Needa Straightjacket. I went right to the source, Needa's best friend, Mrs. Acomm Plice. Mrs. Plice lived in the south part of town. It took me twenty minutes to drive there. I range the doorbell; the lady who lived there answered, "Hello, who's there?"

"Medical Questionnaire," I lied.

She opened the door. "Medical Questionnaire?"

"Yes, I would like to ask you a couple of questions about your friend Needa."

"Why, come in then." I stepped inside. "Have a seat; what would you like to know?"

"Well, I was wondering if you know anything about Needa's relationship with Ima Prettyone?"

All I have to say is that Needa never meant to do any harm. She just didn't know what she was doing. She knows it was wrong and she feels bad about it."

"Do you know where she is staying?" I asked.

"I haven't seen her since the night of the movie premiere."

"She attended the movie premiere?"

She dressed up like a movie star, in all black clothes. She didn't want to be recognized."

"I wanted to go so badly. Thank you so much for the information."

"Anytime, dear." I grabbed my keys and coat and walked hurriedly out the door.

I was about to take a seat in my car when I heard a crunch coming from my jeans pocket. I was Penelope's note! I quickly unfolded it and read it. It said: "I got Ima for you, Penny. She's at the warehouse on the corner of 72nd and Guilty. Now you get your movie role. I made a copy of the keys, then planted them at Seif's house. I didn't have to do anything to make Needa sound guilty. She did that all by herself. I wasn't very happy that I had to knock out that security guard. I am expecting extra. Your hired henchman, Illa Getter."

It all made sense. I put the car in ignition and drove off toward 72nd and Guilty.

"Ima? Ima? Are you here?" I heard a faint kicking and banging from behind a huge pile of crates. I ran around them. It was Ima Prettyone!

"Ima! Are you okay?" She was bound and gagged. "Here, let me un-gag you."

"Thanks! Who are you?"

"I'm Vera Nosy. A hired detective."

"Well, thank you very much!"

"Let's go catch our bad guys," I said.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" That was what Penelope Pickme yelled when my dad, his team, Ima and I showed up at her house. "I didn't do anything!" she yelled.

"We'll just see about that after we're done questioning you." An officer put handcuffs on her and slid her into the backseat where Illa Getter was waiting.

"Thank you so much, Vera!" said Ima. "How would you like to come see the rescheduled movie Premiere of 'I'm so Hip and Happening'?" Ima asked.

"I'd love to!" I yelled.


I had just gotten home from the movie premiere. It had been a blast! Sometimes it was nice not to have a case to worry about.

BRING BRING. The phone was ringing.

"Oh no, not again!"